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Infor is a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry and provides mission-critical enterprise applications to 67,000 customers worldwide. Using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Infor builds and deploys modern tools to help customers transform their businesses and accelerate innovation.


Infor, a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry, has relied on AWS as its cloud infrastructure for nearly a decade to deliver secure, scalable, innovative, and compliant solutions that transform how companies utilize technology to achieve their goals. Infor uses AWS services, such as Amazon SageMaker and edge computing, to develop richer, more complete solutions that help businesses gain more access to and insights from their data, processes, and customer relationships. In 2014, Infor once famously remarked, "Friends don’t let friends build data centers,” setting the stage for its cloud-first strategy. On AWS, Infor is empowered to focus on its mission of helping customers accelerate winning digital strategies.


Infor’s Generative AI Journey with AWS


Infor is collaborating with AWS on its generative AI journey. The company's vision is to provide AI-powered insights within customer workflows and operations to optimize business processes. Generative AI means Infor can bring together its application data, data lakes, machine learning models, and documentation into a transformative experience for workflow guidance. Building on AWS helps Infor to focus on delivering valuable business solutions and AI innovation for its customers rather than worrying about IT infrastructure. Learn from Massimo Capoccia, chief innovation officer at Infor, on how Infor uses Amazon SageMaker as its core AI platform and is exploring Amazon Bedrock as a framework for generative AI.

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Cloud innovation Made Possible with Infor and AWS


Learn from Rick Rider, Infor’s vice president of Product Management, Platform Technology, on how his team builds Infor’s cloud innovation platform using over 60 AWS services to accelerate innovation for customers. 

Simplify Population Health Data Analysis with Infor FHIR On Ramp


Population health is a key focus of public health research because it allows healthcare professionals and policymakers to identify and address health issues impacting large communities. However, healthcare data is often stored in various systems, formats, and locations. Learn how Infor FHIR On Ramp (IFOR) enables customers to leverage the capabilities of Amazon HealthLake with any healthcare data source. IFOR is a new product that provides seamless connectivity with Amazon HealthLake. This allows organizations to access and manage data from different sources, without the need for manual data entry or reconciliation.

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Infor Builds the Future of Industry Enterprise Cloud Applications on AWS


In a conversation with Kevin Samuelson, Infor CEO, and Soma Somasundaram, Infor CTO, learn how Infor leverages data to continually improve business outcomes. Rod Johnson, Infor Global President and CRO and Nancy Matternberger, Infor CCO share how the partnership with AWS helps Infor exceed customer expectations with a common culture.

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When we set out to build our software for the cloud, like many companies we had a choice. We could not just build the software, but we could also build data centers to run the software. And the thought of trying to do that on our own really made no sense. That's just not what we're good at. The idea that we could partner with someone who's extraordinary at that, who has the best security around, who can make sure uptime is unmatched, who can put data centers anywhere in the world, we view it as a huge competitive advantage."

Kevin Samuelson
Chief Executive Officer, Infor

On AWS GovCloud (US), Infor SaaS Brings Streamlined Compliance to Regulated Industries


For companies in highly regulated industries, keeping pace with modern technologies that manage critical business processes and customer data must be balanced with meeting complex regulatory compliance and security standards. Learn how Infor fills the gap with its software-as-a-service built entirely on AWS.

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Working on AWS across AWS GovCloud (US) domains lets us propagate and promote our code all the way up the line. I don’t know of any other company out there that can deploy its code that way."

Joe Arthur
Vice President of Regulated Industry SaaS, Infor

AWS Supports Infor's Rapid Expansion to New Markets with the Agility of the Cloud


When Infor made the decision to move to the cloud and offer comprehensive industry suites, the company identified many customer advantages. “Our business was growing in places like Asia and Europe, and we wanted to be able to bring up applications faster for customers in those regions,” says Randy Young, director of cloud operations at Infor. “To do that, we needed more agility, and building data centers did not make sense for our customers and the business. We wanted to get away from managing our own hardware procurement and provisioning."

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We’ve seen much stronger performance for our database-backup workloads with the Amazon EBS st1 volumes, and we’re also saving 75% on our monthly backup costs."

Randy Young
Director of Cloud Operations, Infor


How Infor Moved to Fully Managed SMB Storage, Reducing Costs by 50%

Storage is a strategic component of the enterprise business cloud software products at Infor. Infor migrated its shared storage to fully managed Amazon FSx from a third-party hosted solution. After moving about 11 TB of data in three Regions, Infor was able to reduce its storage costs by about 50%. With less time and money spent on data storage, this freed up Infor's teams to focus on delivering for customers, without having to worry about pre-provisioning storage as solutions scale. Learn about Infor's migration path for its most successful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) commercial software offerings, called Infor LN, to AWS.

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We constantly ask ourselves, ‘How do we dramatically shrink the time it takes to deliver new technologies, tools, data, and insights to users?’"

Rod Johnson
Global President and CRO, Infor

The Architecture Behind Infor's Modernization to Ingest and Analyze Millions of Application Events Daily for Compliance Violations


Learn how Infor modernized a single-tenant application deployed for individual customers into a multi-tenant scalable application capable of ingesting, storing, and analyzing millions of customer application events per day. 

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Infor Built Its Serverless Application Testing Solution Using AWS Lambda, Amazon SWF, and Amazon DynamoDB


Infor uses Windsor, a serverless application testing solution, to set up, tear down, and run test cases on more than 50 multi-tenant enterprise applications that are deployed on AWS. Windsor was built using Amazon SWF, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon CloudWatch Events. This serverless approach to application testing only costs Infor about $1 per month.

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Infor's Approach to Unlocking Budget by Moving Microsoft Apps to AWS


At AWS re:Invent 2017, Richard Sharp, director of database operations & engineering at Infor, shares how Infor optimizes its licensing strategy by moving particular workloads to AWS. He details the pathway to making the right licensing decisions, and how those decisions results in significant cost savings. 

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Infor Is Part of the AWS Partner Network
AWS Partners help customers grow and scale their business on AWS. AWS Partners are uniquely positioned to help accelerate the journey to the cloud and take full advantage of all that AWS has to offer.
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Why Infor Partners with AWS on Cloud
Pam Murphy, Infor COO, details why delivering Infor enterprise applications on AWS is the optimal cloud solution for businesses worldwide.
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Friends Don't Let Friends Build Data Centers
Infor and AWS share a common entrepreneurial spirit, driven by a strong desire to continuously disrupt the market and innovate on behalf of our customers. In 2014, Infor announced it was "all-in" on AWS, and this blog post explores how that decision is paying off.
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Infor Supports the Retail Industry with AI/ML Solutions
Infor CloudSuite Retail empowers retailers with real-time inventory analytics, end-to-end supply chain visibility, workforce management, and networked order management. Matt Jones, VP of Retail Strategy at Infor, discusses how Infor’s relationship with AWS and APN has helped it build AI/ML solutions for retailers.
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AWS eBook

Accelerate Your Business with Infor and AWS
Infor’s cloud-based enterprise software applications are built on experience in key industry verticals by experts who understand the unique challenges faced in each industry. In this eBook, discover the benefits of Infor powered by AWS.
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AWS Marketplace

Infor on the AWS Marketplace
Infor CloudSuite is now an AWS Marketplace Private Offer. This offer simplifies the procurement, entitlement, and deployment of the software you need to run your business.
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Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the Tech Industry
Bhuvaneswari Subramani, director of engineering operations at Infor, was recognized as one of the five recipients across the globe of the AWS re:Invent 2018 Community Leader Diversity Scholarship and AWS Community Hero in 2019-2020.
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Scalable Cross-Platform Patching with AWS Systems Manager
Infor's effort for continual improvement led to researching tools that would allow for more efficiency in patching and overall system management. When the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities were announced, they presented Infor with some unique challenges—and an opportunity. Learn how testing showed that AWS Systems Manager was a perfect fit for Infor.
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Babbitt Chainwheels Streamlines Operations and Improves Customer Service with Infor CloudSuite Distribution
For decades, Babbitt Chainwheels relied on an on-premises enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to run its business. As the organization grew and customer expectations evolved, its legacy system could not keep up. Learn how Infor CloudSuite Distribution helped Babbitt Chainwheels to streamline its operations and improve customer experience.
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Winchester Electronics Moves to the Cloud with Infor CloudSuite Industrial
By moving to the cloud with Infor CloudSuite Industrial, Winchester Electronics was able to free up capital, reduce data security risks, improve productivity, enhance employee collaboration, redeploy IT personnel to focus on more strategic initiatives, and improve overall operating efficiency.
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Infor + AWS
Infor’s innovative cloud technologies, which work seamlessly with the world-class capabilities of AWS, provide organizations with the power and responsiveness they need to stay ahead in a fierce business environment.
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