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“Friends Don’t Let Friends Build Data Centers”

Reflections on the two-year anniversary of Infor going all-in with AWS

Two short years ago at the AWS 2014 San Francisco Summit, Infor CEO Charles Phillips stated, “friends don’t let friends build data centers’’ and announced that Infor, a leading provider of industry-specific ERP solutions, was taking a cloud-first development approach and going “all-in” with AWS.  Building on AWS has enabled Infor to concentrate on its core competency of developing innovative industry-specific applications for their enterprise customers rather than on managing the company’s underlying infrastructure.  This strategy is paying off for Infor.  In the last two years, Infor has released 13 industry CloudSuites, serving more than 45 million users across 96 countries.

Infor and AWS share a common entrepreneurial spirit, driven by a strong desire to continuously disrupt the market and innovate on behalf of our customers. “Our relationship with AWS has always been grounded in a mutual desire to help enterprise customers realize the benefits of cloud software that’s secure, highly available, and accessible,” says Brian Rose, SVP of Infor Labs. “Since going all-in with AWS, Infor accelerated internal development cycles, and can get to market faster, while maintaining high standards for security, compliance and scale.”

Infor continues to disrupt the business application space. As a Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and an important AWS Enterprise customer, Infor has worked closely with teams across AWS, and our two companies have developed a strong relationship. “Infor and AWS are both laser focused on driving value for our respective customers,” says Hal Bennett, GM Global Technology Partners at AWS. “It’s been exciting to watch Infor’s success since going all-in with AWS. We look forward to continuing to support Infor as a customer and partner in the years to come.”

Infor is an APN Advanced Technology Partner, and holds the AWS Healthcare Competency. As we reflect on Infor’s motivations for going all-in, let’s take a look at where Infor is now:

  • Infor now offers 13 Infor CloudSuites on AWS, touching a wide range of industries (including Auto, A&D, Corporate, Business, Hospitality, HCM, Rhythm, Fashion, Food and Beverage, Equipment, Distribution, Healthcare, and Public Sector)
  • There are over 45 million Infor CloudSuite users globally
  • 96 countries access the Infor Cloud
  • Infor has over 14,000 employees and customers in more than 200 countries and territories
  • It takes Infor less than two minutes (!) to provision customers on automated MT applications
  • Infor has had 99% average historical uptime
  • The company uses a large number of AWS services to run its platform, including Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, VPC, and IAM
  • Last quarter represented strong revenue growth for Infor, with a sales pipeline driven by its SaaS business (read more here)

Infor is a thought-leader in cloud strategy, and consistently publishes content educating readers on best practices and trends the company observes in the cloud. Check out some of Infor’s latest posts:

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