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Kambi Increases Operational Efficiency by 50% Using AWS Cloud WAN

Learn how Kambi in the sports betting industry centralized its network operations using AWS Cloud WAN.

50% increase

in operational efficiency

20% reduction

in code base

Streamlined setup

of new Amazon VPCs




security posture


Kambi, a sports betting software-as-a-service provider, was rapidly expanding to new global regions and realized that further expansion would require centralizing its network operations for greater management control. So, it turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a scalable solution that could improve operations and enhance observability at the same time. Kambi ended up increasing operational efficiency by 50 percent, reducing its code base by 20 percent, streamlining its network setup, improving overall connectivity, and strengthening its security posture.

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Opportunity | Kambi Uses AWS Cloud WAN to Centralize Network Operations

Kambi is a trusted partner to more than 40 sports betting operators around the world—including Bally’s, LeoVegas, LiveScore Group, and Rush Street Interactive—and has been successfully deploying production solutions on AWS for several years. Its hybrid network infrastructure includes several data centers, multiple Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (Amazon VPCs) to define and launch AWS resources in logically isolated virtual networks, and AWS Direct Connect to create dedicated network connections to AWS.

But as the company’s AWS footprint grew, enhancements were required so that its network infrastructure could continue to adequately scale. It needed to link its different parts into a single network for centralized observability and management while simultaneously increasing its service limits. To do this, Kambi chose AWS Cloud WAN, which provides a central dashboard for making connections between a company’s branch offices, data centers, and Amazon VPCs.

“We’re expanding across the United States and Latin America,” says Martin Norum, head of engineering services at Kambi. “We needed to increase the number of Amazon VPCs we could manage across our network, and AWS Cloud WAN emerged as the best choice.”


Using AWS Cloud WAN, we’ve built a future-ready, scalable, and efficient network infrastructure to support our teams in creating better sports betting experiences.”

Marc Modin
DevOps Engineer at Playground Tech and Consultant to Kambi

Solution | Increasing Operational Efficiency by 50% and Improving Security

In collaboration with its partner Playground Tech, Kambi seamlessly migrated to AWS Cloud WAN in just 3 months.

As a result, Kambi increased its operational efficiency by 50 percent. The company previously shared a single account among four teams, all of whom needed to be involved when making network changes. Now, two teams can accomplish the same tasks. Moreover, using the native automation capabilities of AWS Cloud WAN, Kambi reduced its code base by 20 percent and shortened the time needed to set up new Amazon VPCs from weeks to days.

Kambi’s increased observability has also further strengthened its security posture. Using AWS Cloud WAN to gather its metrics, Kambi can create Grafana dashboards that are accessible across the company. With better observability, the company can see when any incidents happen on the network and address them with even greater efficiency. Meanwhile, increased peering limits have improved the connectivity between Kambi’s Amazon VPCs. With its new solution, Kambi can transmit more than five times the data over the network than previously.

“Using AWS Cloud WAN, we’ve built a future-ready, scalable, and efficient network infrastructure to support our teams in creating better sports betting experiences,” says Marc Modin, DevOps engineer at Playground Tech and consultant to Kambi.

Outcome | Paving the Way for Future Expansion

Using AWS Cloud Wan as a unified networking platform for connectivity, Kambi has successfully reduced the complexity of its hybrid network infrastructure. In doing so, it has reinforced its ability to reliably expand to new locations. Looking ahead, the company aims to further optimize costs and reach new markets.

“A key part of Kambi’s business strategy is to expand into new geographical locations,” says Norum. “Having a centralized, scalable solution on AWS helps us be more locally present in new regions.”

About Kambi

Kambi is a leading, independent premium sports betting technology and services provider. A trusted partner to more than 40 operators across the globe, Kambi has a proven track record of excellence in online and retail sportsbook provision.

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