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RWE Supply & Trading Speeds Database Migration to Amazon Aurora by 6 Months Using Amazon DMA

Learn how energy company RWE Supply & Trading is accelerating database migrations to AWS using Amazon DMA.

6-month acceleration

in migration timeline

Saved 50%

of developer time through automated solutions and Amazon DMA support

Upskilled internal teams

in open-source database management


To compete in a global energy market focused increasingly on sustainable energy, RWE Supply & Trading (RWEST) wanted to streamline and modernize the technology that powered its trading systems. The company was already working alongside Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate its IT transformation by migrating to cloud computing. RWEST also required more agile database solutions than those hosted in its on-premises data centers. The company needed a solution to migrate its large, complex databases to the cloud while maintaining the availability that is critical to operate in a volatile trading sector.

RWEST turned to Amazon Database Migration Accelerator (Amazon DMA), a solution that brings together AWS database experts and migration tools to simplify migrations of commercial databases to AWS. RWEST engineers worked with the Amazon DMA team to increase their cloud skills. Together they built a resilient, cost-effective database solution on AWS, eventually accelerating the planned migration timeline by 6 months and reducing the workload of internal developers by 50 percent.

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Opportunity | Migrating to Amazon Aurora to Improve Database Performance and Flexibility for RWEST

Headquartered in Germany, RWEST is the interface between RWE and the energy markets around the world. RWEST needed to modernize its trading systems to create greater operational resiliency and increase scalability to better adjust to an ever-changing global marketplace. Achieving the performance RWEST needed using its previous database infrastructure—large, monolithic, complex databases hosted in on-premises data centers using commercially licensed software—would be operationally challenging and costly. It would need to modernize its database solution to a nimbler microservices architecture.

RWEST decided to implement an open-source solution built on PostgreSQL and turned to Amazon Aurora, a relational database designed for unparalleled high performance and availability at global scale with full MySQL and PostgreSQL compatibility. In addition to saving costs by breaking free from commercial licenses, RWEST chose Aurora because it offered high performance and scalability of up to 15 read replicas. Aurora also offered operational resilience with six copies of data across three availability zones, continuous backups with point-in-time recovery, and failovers in less than 10 seconds.

Together, AWS and RWEST assessed 11 applications totaling 19 TB of data and decided to focus initially on migrating five workloads to Amazon Aurora based on customer priority. Due to the corporate-wide prioritizing of work on renewable energy and RWEST engineers’ inexperience with PostgreSQL, company stakeholders evaluated whether they should manage the migration themselves or bring in a third party. “The opportunity to migrate to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL involved rearchitecting the applications and databases, and we couldn’t cover all of that in house,” says Dr. Tobias Bluhm, chief architect for RWE Supply & Trading.


By getting runbooks, migration scripts, and hand-over sessions from Amazon DMA, our teams spend 50 percent less effort on the migration with less risk and faster cutovers.”

Dr. Tobias Bluhm
Chief Architect, RWE Supply & Trading

Solution | Accelerating Database Migration by 6 Months Using Amazon DMA

RWEST and Amazon DMA used AWS Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT)—a migration tool that automatically assesses and converts source database schema and code objects to a format compatible with the target database—and AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS)—a managed migration and replication service to migrate database and analytics workloads to AWS quickly, securely, and with minimal downtime and zero data loss. By working with Amazon DMA, RWEST saved time and manual resources and simplified its database migrations using automation and the breadth of database expertise that Amazon DMA provided.

The Amazon DMA team assessed RWEST’s databases and applications to develop a road map for the migration. In September 2021, the project began with the migration of smaller, simpler databases as a proof of concept. RWEST and the Amazon DMA team worked in close collaboration. They shared information about migration paths, future state architectures, and detailed migration plans, and created a runbook with information about the deployment of each in-scope application and target database. “By getting runbooks, migration scripts, and hand-over sessions from Amazon DMA, our teams spend 50 percent less effort on the migration with less risk and faster cutovers,” says Bluhm. The Amazon DMA team educated and shared expertise with RWEST engineers during the migration. As the migration progressed, RWEST engineers gained skills, knowledge, and capabilities. “Our teams saw that we could do it,” says Bluhm. “They became more confident.”

Gradually, RWEST and the Amazon DMA team increased the complexity of the workloads that they migrated. The collaboration was so successful that RWEST accelerated the process and moved up the scheduled migration of a complex database by 6 months. RWEST saved additional time by using the automated tooling of AWS DMS to alleviate the burden of basic manual tasks such as data transfer and schema replication. “Our internal teams can concentrate on reacting fast to market changes and building new features, which requires a lot of market knowledge,” Bluhm says.

In addition, RWEST saw cost benefits because it can adjust database specifications to the criticality of the workload. “Using AWS DMS is not just one size fits all,” says Bluhm. “I really like that AWS offers a service that you can consume and that makes it possible to find the resilience you need while still balancing the costs.”

Architecture Diagram

Outcome | Rearchitecting to Adapt to Future Change Using AWS

Using Amazon Aurora, RWEST databases scale up and down to accommodate a rapidly changing global renewable energy market. The company is more agile as it trades and operates worldwide. “We are more flexible and have greater scalability,” says Bluhm. “We are pleased to see how high the level of service of Aurora is. We’ve gained resilience and greater availability of our systems using Amazon Aurora instead of our localized big-database solutions.” With nearly 30 percent of its database migration complete at the end of 2022, the company plans to move entirely off premises by 2024.

Using AWS, RWEST can focus on innovation that matters to its business and its customers. “Working with Amazon DMA has long-term benefits,” Bluhm says. “The migrated services run very reliably, and there have been no failures since the start of the rollout. We’ve learned a lot from working alongside AWS.”

About RWE

RWE Supply & Trading is the interface between RWE and the energy markets. The entity trades electricity, gas, commodities, and CO2-emission allowances and facilitates the commercial optimization of RWE’s renewable and conventional power plant dispatch.

AWS Services Used

Amazon DMA

Amazon Database Migration Accelerator (DMA) helps customers accelerate and de-risk their migrations from relational database and analytics platforms (commercial or open source) to AWS Databases and Analytics services and enjoy cloud adoption benefits such as cost savings and performance improvements.

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AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) is a managed migration and replication service that helps move your database and analytics workloads to AWS quickly, securely, and with minimal downtime and zero data loss.

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AWS Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT)

AWS offers two schema conversion solutions to make heterogeneous database migrations predictable, fast, secure, and simple.

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Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora provides built-in security, continuous backups, serverless compute, up to 15 read replicas, automated multi-Region replication, and integrations with other AWS services.

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