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TD SYNNEX Boosts Revenue on AWS by 1,108% in Poland Using AWS Training and Certification

Learn how TD SYNNEX in the software industry customized training for partners by working with AWS Training and Certification.

1,108% increase

in revenue since 2021

95% reduction

in lost sales opportunities since 2021


sales and technical participants trained


TD SYNNEX, an IT solutions company, is on a mission to connect innovators with technology, resources, and specialized knowledge. Although the company has been distributing Amazon Web Services (AWS) products and its own solutions for years, it knew that it could go further in helping its partners achieve more. By offering Road to Select, a customizable AWS training program, TD SYNNEX helped unlock new opportunities, increasing revenue and improving sales performance for itself and its partners.

Opportunity | Using AWS Training and Certification to Assist Partners for TD SYNNEX

TD SYNNEX is a distributor and solutions aggregator that empowers IT innovators with the technology that they need to achieve positive outcomes. Its portfolio spans three areas: edge solutions such as consumer electronics; advanced solutions such as infrastructure, hybrid cloud, and software; and specialized services such as consultancy and education. Globally, TD SYNNEX serves more than 200,000 customers in more than 100 countries.

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To grow its reputation as a trusted adviser to its partners, TD SYNNEX set out to offer more professional services and solutions. Its goals included expanding its operations as an AWS Distributor in Poland and the surrounding region. The company wanted to help its customers—AWS Partners—on their AWS journeys with specialized, up-to-date knowledge with which they could better understand AWS services and best practices. First, TD SYNNEX worked with AWS Training and Certification—which equips teams with the practical cloud skills needed to unlock the full value of AWS services—to train its own employees. Then, the company aimed to pass along the benefits of AWS Cloud training to its customers.

In 2021, TD SYNNEX designed a program called Road to Select to assist AWS Partners in obtaining AWS Certifications, closing skills gaps, and meeting the requirements to advance in the AWS Partner program. “The main goal of our program was to help our partners generate opportunities through achieving AWS Select Tier and Advanced Tier status,” says Kamil Staśko, business development manager at TD SYNNEX. “Having AWS Certifications can differentiate a company in the market and help it gain new customers.”


AWS Training and Certification has empowered our partners to pursue new project ambitions and business opportunities.”

Kamil Staśko
Business Development Manager, TD SYNNEX

Solution | Building a Training Program for TD SYNNEX and Its Partners

Through collaboration with AWS Partner Training and Certification, TD SYNNEX does more than just offer a list of training courses; it personalizes training based on its partners’ experience levels and specializations. It even has different tracks for specific job functions—such as system administrators and sales—which is a crucial feature for closing skills gaps. “We aim to help our partners grow as simply and as quickly as possible,” says Staśko. “We adapt the program and training to the partner’s needs to find the best path forward for its business.”

TD SYNNEX hosts the online 4-week Road to Select training program twice a year and runs other online and on-site training programs continuously. The program begins at a basic level and gradually progresses to more advanced topics. Individuals can join the ongoing program at any time. “It’s up to the partner to decide where they start their journey and what training they want to accomplish,” says Staśko. “The idea is that anyone who joins the program will finish at the right stage to put their new knowledge into practice.”

Over time, TD SYNNEX has adapted its training strategy by setting up a virtual learning center for on-demand content tailored to its partners’ needs. The online learning center was based on AWS Skill Builder, which consists of more than 600 courses that help professionals advance their goals and gain experience in AWS. It has also created a new program called Cloud Practice Builder for partners focused on strategy, go-to-market sales, and technical training.

The Road to Select program benefits both TD SYNNEX and its partners. By working with AWS Training and Certification, TD SYNNEX has improved operational productivity and helped its teams better understand AWS. As a result, the teams can discuss potential projects and opportunities for partners with confidence. Partners gained knowledge about AWS through training as they worked toward AWS Certifications. “Our partners want to grow and earn a higher status,” says Staśko. “They start with AWS Training and Certification, then they can upgrade to the next level and achieve partner tier requirements.”

Outcome | Increasing TD SYNNEX’s Revenue by 1,108% in Poland

TD SYNNEX and its partners benefited from training and certification in terms of revenue. Between 2021 and 2023, TD SYNNEX’s revenue in Poland increased by 1,108 percent. Its partners report a 95 percent reduction in lost sales opportunities, which indicates improved sales performance.

After training, TD SYNNEX stays in touch with its partners to help them put their new knowledge into practice. For this purpose, TD SYNNEX organized a Partner Prospecting League, which is a campaign managed using AWS best practices that helps partners generate leads after training and certification.

Since 2021, around 500 people have participated in the training. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner—which validates a foundational, high-level understanding of AWS Cloud, services, and terminology—was the most popular AWS Certification earned through the program.

In addition, three of TD SYNNEX’s partners upgraded to the Select Tier of the AWS Partner program in 2022, followed by another eight upgrades in 2023. “We want to help as many AWS Partners as possible achieve Select and Advanced Tier status,” says Staśko. “Then, they can secure more customers and business opportunities.”

TD SYNNEX’s personalized AWS Training and Certification program continues to improve and expand. The company is developing new training programs in response to demand from its partners. For example, TD SYNNEX is planning training for generative artificial intelligence in early 2024.

“The training program gives our partners confidence,” says Staśko. “AWS Training and Certification has empowered our partners to pursue new project ambitions and business opportunities.”


TD SYNNEX is a solutions aggregator in the IT sector. It provides edge solutions, advanced solutions, and specialized services. As an innovative partner, it helps its customers get the most out of their technology and investments.

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