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Volkswagen Financial Services Uses AWS Training and Certification to Drive Cloud Transformation


Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to drive cloud transformation across its organization. In this video, Osvaldo Ramirez, head of the North American region development hub, and Stefan Klünker, global product owner, describe how VWFS uses AWS Training and Certification to strengthen its employees’ cloud knowledge and skills. “The AWS Training and Certification program really helped to transform us as a company. We’re capable of defining a path where all business and IT is coming closer together, where everyone understands the needs of each other to provide our customers better solutions in the cloud and faster solutions for everyone,” says Klünker. During its migration to the cloud, the VWFS Digital Unit needed to familiarize its employees with AWS services so that they could develop stronger digital solutions. VWFS chose to implement AWS Training initiatives across its organization and provide opportunities for employees to achieve AWS Certifications, such as AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Through these initiatives, VWFS employees gained standardized cloud knowledge and learned how to use AWS services like AWS Glue, a serverless data integration service, and Amazon QuickSight, a serverless business intelligence service. Now, its employees can build innovative digital products at a faster pace. By deepening cloud capabilities across its organization, VWFS has reduced its time to market, improved cross-team collaboration, and evolved its organization using a cloud-centric framework.

Volkswagen Financial Services Uses AWS Training and Certification to Drive Cloud Transformation

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