AmplifAI Performance Acceleration Platform

Improve contact center sales and service performance with AmplifAI’s Performance Acceleration Platform

AmplifAI Performance Acceleration Platform is an APN Partner solution that can be rapidly deployed on AWS

AmplifAI’s Performance Acceleration Platform integrates and visualizes the performance data from all your systems and intelligently recommends personalized actions and insights to frontline employees. With AmplifAI’s role-based performance visualizations, intelligent coaching, and quality workflows, supervisors and quality managers save valuable time and develop consistent practices that accelerate their team’s performance. Agents receive data-driven coaching sessions and DIY micro-learnings, empowering continued performance growth.

AmplifAI is an Amazon Connect Partner.
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Improve performance and productivity

Ramp employees to the desired level of performance faster with metric-based performance analysis, DIY micro-learnings, and intelligent coaching.

Drive actions based on data and insights

Role-based visualizations drive personalized actions directly to employees so they know what to do to improve their performance.

Improve leader effectiveness

Provide supervisors with automated, data-driven recommendations that consistently improve agent and team performance.

Solution highlights

AmplifAI is a platform that uses employee performance data to help organizations improve metric-based skillsets, behaviors, and overall performance results. With AmplifAI, users can:

  • Integrate data from Amazon Connect and other systems (CRM, Ticketing, WFO) to provide employees with a comprehensive performance dashboard.
  • Receive metric-based performance analysis and visualizations with role-based access for agents, supervisors, site leaders, and executives.
  • Improve coaching effectiveness with recommended actions that show supervisors who to coach, who to follow up with, and who to recognize.
  • Leverage end-to-end evaluation workflows and access online QA forms, review completed quality forms, view trends, and initiate online calibrations.
  • Watch metric-driven DIY micro-learnings that empower agent knowledge and skill development

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AmplifAI Performance Acceleration For Amazon Connect Users
AmplifAI Solution Diagram Workflow

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