Sales and Service


Implementing a Sales and Service solution with AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners and AWS enables you to modernize and optimize your customer engagements. Customer engagement solutions on AWS combine the benefits of having a unified view of customer interactions with the efficient, self-service capabilities of Amazon Connect.

Aria Solutions Toolkit for Salesforce and Amazon Connect

Rapidly deploy sophisticated contact center capabilities.
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Customer Support with Freshdesk and Amazon Connect

Collaborate across teams to resolve customer issues faster.
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ServiceNow integration with Amazon Connect

Move your customer contact center and IT helpdesk onto the cloud and into the next generation.
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Zendesk delivers personalized Customer Support on AWS

Address the needs of your customers more quickly, more powerfully and more efficiently.
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Perficient Microsoft Dynamics 365 Toolkit

Deliver an outstanding customer experience with Perficient.
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Digital Channels and Customer Engagement Management


Digital Channels and Customer Engagement Management solutions complement and extend that capabilities of your Amazon Connect contact center by helping you manage customer interactions across channels, often leveraging machine learning capabilities.

Omnichannel solutions complement and extend that capabilities of your Amazon Connect contact center by helping you manage customer interactions across channels, often leveraging machine learning capabilities.

Webtext messaging with Amazon Connect

Incorporate versatile messaging capabilities.
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eGain Solve for Amazon Connect

Transform customer experience with digital-first, omnichannel desktop, and smart self-service.
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Deloitte's AI-Driven Contact Center on AWS

Tailor your omni-channel contact center experience to fit your customers' needs.
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Workforce Management, Workforce Optimization, and Quality Management


APN Partners complement and extend the capabilities of your Amazon Connect contact center by helping you manage resources and processes throughout your organization.

Verint Workforce Optimization

Drive workforce productivity and operational efficiency across your organization.
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Teleopti Workforce Management on AWS

Workforce management for modern contact centers.
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AmplifAI Performance Acceleration Platform

Improve contact center sales and service performance with AmplifAI’s Performance Acceleration Platform.
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Speech Analytics and Quality Management


Make every customer interaction a positive one by learning a little bit more about what your customers want from each interaction they have with your brand over the phone. Speech Analytics and Quality Management solutions from APN Partners integrate with your Amazon Connect contact center to help your marketing and sales teams determine what efforts, processes, and strategies work best.

Voicebase Speech Recognition and Analytics

Gain insights with API-powered speech transcription and analytics.
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DialogTech Speech Recognition and Analytics

Optimize marketing efforts and improve the customer sales journey.
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CallMiner Eureka for Amazon Connect

Customer engagement and speech analytics for extracting intelligence from your Amazon Connect calls.
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Security and Voice Biometrics


Contact centers can be the target of fraudulent activity. Security and Voice Biometrics solutions from APN Partners can help you protect your Amazon Connect contact center from fraudulent activity and minimize the impact of fraud on your organizations.

Pindrop Fraud Detection

Reduce call center fraud and improve customer authentication.
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Collaboration and UCaaS


Collaboration and UCaaS solutions can work together with Amazon Connect to enable your contact center agents to easily connect with customers and other experts, enabling improved customer service and increased collaboration within your organization.

RingCentral for Amazon Connect on AWS

Boost productivity with your call center agents and internal experts.
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Location Services


By integrating Location Services solutions provided by APN Partners with your Amazon Connect contact center, you’ll be able to take the guess work and wait time out of call center operations in order to serve your customers quickly and effectively.

HERE Location Suite Integration for Amazon Connect

Take the guesswork out of location services for customer support.
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