Cloud Consumption and Financial Optimization (Cloud CFO) Offering by PwC

Financially optimize your cloud usage

Technical solution validated by AWS

Cloud CFO offering can accelerate deployment on AWS

PwC’s Cloud CFO provides customers with the tools, processes, controls, and skills required to effectively manage and optimize cloud spend by up to 35% or more. This offering not only provides in-depth optimization, but also ensures sustained and ongoing efficiency at reduced cloud costs. PwC will assign customers a cloud efficiency score based upon current cloud usage and then work with them to improve and maintain that score over time.

By establishing cloud incentive models with cost showback/chargeback and analyzing services, CFO will identify which ones could benefit from more cloud-native and managed services. PwC will perform a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis for current and/or future workloads.

PwC is an APN Premier Consulting Partner and has achieved the AWS Financial Services, SAP, Life Sciences, and Security Competency. Competency Partners have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success.

Offering highlights

Through Cloud CFO, PwC will define and implement the processes and automated controls for cloud asset management and optimization.

  • Establish consumption dashboards and reports addressing various target groups from practitioners to executives
  • Create tagging standards and ensure all resources are properly tagged for cost allocation
  • Define the budget and forecasting process for cloud spend
  • Implement strategies for Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances and Spot Instances
  • Define the roles and establish the skills needed to effectively manage cloud spend
  • Define architecture standards with cost efficiency in mind
  • Establish right-sizing, cost anomaly detection, removal of orphaned assets, storage lifecycle policies, and tagging compliance

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