Tape Gateway (VTL) Setup Demonstration

In this 10-minute AWS Tech Tips demonstration, we'll show you how to set up the AWS Storage Gateway service with a Tape Gateway that functions as a Virtual Tape Library (VTL). This demonstration includes approximately 10-steps, showing how to setup the Tape Gateway appliance, connect the Tape Gateway to Veeam Backup and Replication, begin backups, archive tapes to Amazon Glacier, and retrieve tapes for recovery.

The 10 basic steps to begin switching your backups to cloud with AWS Storage Gateway:

Step 1 (1:48) - In the AWS Console, select the type of Storage Gateway and hypervisor
Step 2 (2:56) - Deploy a Tape Gateway appliance in your environment
Step 3 (3:10) - Provision local disk for cache and upload buffer
Step 4 (4:16) - Connect and activate Tape Gateway appliance
Step 5 (5:39) - Create virtual tapes
Step 6 (6:36) - Connect Tape Gateway to your backup application
Step 7 (7:09) - Import new tapes into the backup application
Step 8 (8:00) - Begin backup jobs
Step 9 (9:34) - Archive tapes for storage on Amazon Glacier
Step 10 (10:15) - Retrieve tape to any Tape Gateway for recovery

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