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Simplifying Your Infrastructure Management Using AWS CloudFormation (7:47)
Manage Compliance Across Accounts with AWS CloudFormation StackSets (8:52)
Deep Dive on AWS CloudFormation (47:49)

Step-by-step guides

Continuous Delivery with Code Pipeline

Build a pipeline for test and production resource stacks.

Bring Existing Resources into CloudFormation Management

Learn how to create a resource stack from existing resources.

Working with CloudFormation Templates

Learn about template formats, view examples, and deployment options.

Detect Unmanaged Resources with CloudFormation StackSets

Learn how to use StackSets to detect resource drift from expected configurations.

Get Started with the CloudFormation Registry

Use the CloudFormation registry to browse available private and public resource types.

Get Started Quickly with Sample Templates

Use predefined templates to jump-start your CloudFormation usage.

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