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The AWS Global Startup program is an invite-only, go-to-market program supporting mid-to-late stage startups that have raised institutional funding, achieved product-market fit, and are ready to scale.

This program offers your startup unique support by assigning Partner Development Managers (PDMs) with deep AWS knowledge and startup or business development experience. Get support for your business in three key areas: product development, go-to-market, and co-sell.

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Product development

Become enterprise-ready by adopting Well-Architected best practices reduce workload risks.

Accelerate product development through architecture reviews, immersive workshops, and integration with AWS products and services.

Differentiate your solutions by working with AWS Partner Solutions Architects to optimize your solutions for customer use cases.


Increase visibility through case studies, win wires, blogs, and the AWS Startup Partner Solutions webpage.

Generate leads by participating in seminars, events, and webinars, and receive invites to AWS-led events.

Access Marketing Development Funding (MDF) to accelerate outreach, offset the cost of campaigns and content development, list your solutions in AWS Marketplace or AWS Data Exchange (ADX), and more.


Receive dedicated support from co-sell specialists to drive engagement with the AWS Sales and field teams.

Reduce sales cycles and accelerate existing deals with assistance from AWS sellers. Generate new opportunities through customer introductions and fund your proof-of-concepts.

Gain expedited access to the AWS ISV Accelerate Program to help you co-sell. 

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Success Stories

Get Started

The AWS Global Startups Program is designed for early to mid-stage VC-backed startups (generally Series A through Series C) that have differentiated products for AWS customers.

  • Join the AWS Partner Network (APN) at no cost by creating your AWS Partner Central account.

    • Enroll in the Software Path, specifically designed for organizations that develop software that runs on or is integrated with AWS.
    • Pay the APN fee through APN Central to confirm your membership.

    Learn more about the AWS FTR »

  • 1. Qualify if your Startup is Ready to partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    • Watch “Accelerate Your Growth with the AWS Global Startup Program” video
    Accelerate Your Growth with the AWS Global Startup Program (1:13)

    2. Register with APN on the Software Path

    • Startup receives a welcome email with instructions

    3. Share your “Better Together” story

    • Startup receives a welcome email requesting their 'Better Together' story and a 'Qualification' form

    4. Complete the Foundational Technical Review (FTR)

    • Watch ‘Leveraging the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR)’ video to determine if your product is ready for FTR
    Leveraging the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) (3:18)

    5. Enroll to APN Customer Engagements Program (ACE) & Upload 2 Public References into Partner Central

    • Watch Grow Your Business with the AWS Customer Engagement Program (ACE) to learn more about the program requirements
    Grow Your Business with the AWS Customer Engagement Program (ACE) (1:37)

    6. List your Solution on AWS Marketplace

    • Watch Get Started as a Seller on AWS Marketplace  video to determine if listing on AWS Marketplace aligns with your product delivery model and business goals
    Get Started as a Seller on AWS Marketplace (2:33)

    7. Reach out to once steps 1-6 have been completed

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