Amazon SageMaker Canvas

Build highly accurate ML models using a visual interface, no code required

Why SageMaker Canvas?

Through a no-code interface, you can create highly accurate machine learning models —without any machine learning experience or writing a single line of code. SageMaker Canvas provides access to ready-to-use models including foundation models from Amazon Bedrock or Amazon SageMaker JumpStart or you can build your own custom ML model. With SageMaker Canvas, you can easily access and import data from 50+ sources, prepare data using natural language and 300+ built-in transforms, build and train highly accurate models, generate predictions, and deploy models to production.

Amazon SageMaker Canvas Overview (1:11)

Ready-to-Use Models

  • Foundation models
  • Foundation Models

    Foundation Models

    SageMaker Canvas provides access to ready-to-use foundation model (FMs) such as Claude 2, Amazon Titan, and Jurassic-2 (powered by Amazon Bedrock) as well as publicly available FMs such as Falcon and MPT (powered by SageMaker JumpStart)

  • Tabular, CV, and NLP models
  • Tabular, CV, and NLP models

    Tabular, CV, and NLP models

    SageMaker Canvas provides access to ready to use tabular, NLP, and CV models powered by AWS AI services, including Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Textract, and Amazon Comprehend.

Custom Models

  • Data Preparation
  • Data preparation

    Data Preparation

    SageMaker Canvas offers no-code data exploration and preparation through a point-and-click or natural language UI.

  • Build Models
  • Build Models

    Build Models

    SageMaker Canvas uses Amazon’s AutoML to build a custom model trained on your dataset.

  • Evaluate Models
  • Model Status Graph

    Evaluate Models

    SageMaker Canvas helps you understand model performance with common evaluation metrics and visuals.

  • Use Models