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AWS Snowcone

Deploy ultra-portable data transfer and edge computing devices anywhere

Collect and process data, transfer with AWS DataSync, or ship the device with data to AWS for offline transfer.

Get the compute, storage, and network accessibility you need in a portable device, deployed virtually anywhere.

Withstands harsh environments with a storage and computing device designed to meet stringent standards for ruggedization.

How it works

AWS Snowcone is a small, rugged, and secure device offering edge computing, data storage, and data transfer on-the-go, in austere environment with little or no connectivity.

AWS Snowcone

Use cases

Accelerate fleet data collection and analysis

Easily collect terabytes of data daily from large vehicle fleets in a small form factor with ruggedized design, power options, and enhanced security.

Gather IoT data in extreme conditions

Deploy an edge computing and storage solution designed for environments with limited space, bandwidth, and harsh environmental conditions such as factories, mines, and oil fields.

Improve patient outcomes

Deliver superior care to patients in transit or in the field—and transmit crucial data in real time with built-in Wi-Fi and AWS DataSync.

Expedite content distribution

Collect and process content — including high-resolution images—and improve team performance in fast-paced, space-constrained environments.

How to get started

Find out how AWS Snowcone works

Learn about Snowcone’s easy setup, rugged design, automatic encryption capabilities, and more.

Get answers

Read the AWS Snowcone FAQs to better understand details such as battery requirements, edge capabilities, and networking.

Take a free 50-minute class

Learn about AWS Snowcone benefits, technical options, common uses, and pricing, and compare against other AWS Snow Family devices.

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