With AWS Snowcone, you pay only for the use of the device and for data transfer out of AWS. Data transferred offline into AWS with Snowcone does not incur any transfer fees. For online data transfer pricing with AWS DataSync, please refer to the DataSync pricing page. Standard pricing applies once data is stored in the AWS Cloud.

For AWS Snowcone, you pay a service fee per job, which includes five days usage on-site, and for any extra days you have the device on-site. For high-volume deployments, contact your AWS sales team.

Pricing details

Service Fee per Job

This is a one-time setup fee per job ordered through the console, and it includes five days of onsite usage. Shipping days are not counted toward the five days, including the day the device is received and the day it is shipped back to AWS. Snowcone pricing is listed below and is the same for all Regions.

Per Day Fee for Each Job

The first five days of onsite usage is included in the service fee. If the device is kept for more than five days, you incur a fee for each day you keep the device. The per day fee is listed below by Region.


Shipping charges are calculated based on standard carrier rates for the shipping location and shipping option you choose (e.g. 2-day, overnight). The default shipping option is 2-day.

AWS Service Charges

Standard AWS service charges apply for usage incurred from importing or exporting data to or from your Amazon S3 buckets, such as Amazon S3 PUT requests or AWS KMS request charges (if KMS encryption is enabled on your Amazon S3 bucket).

Pricing examples

Example 1: 5 TB Data Import to an AWS Region

You would pay a service fee for one device ($60). You would not pay additional per day fees, as long as you load the device with your data in less than five days, and ship it back to AWS.

The total cost would be $60 for the service fee only as offline data import is free, and there are no extra day fees.

Example 2: One-time 15 TB data distribution to a customer from an AWS Region

You would pay service fees for two devices ($60 *2= $120). Assuming the device remains on-site for one day beyond the included five days, you would incur an extra day fee for every device ($6*2=$12). Data Transfer Out fees apply ($0.03 / GB * 1,024 GB * 15= $460.80).

The total cost would be $592.80. Service fees of $120 + extra day fees of $12 + Data Transfer Out fees of $460.80.

Example 3: Continuous online data transfer from a lab to an AWS Region

Suppose you have a lab environment in Denver, and you want to bring the lab’s research results data and imagery – 3 TB per day – back to AWS for analysis, machine learning, and indefinite archival. The lab lacks local IT infrastructure, so you deploy an AWS Snowcone device for on-site storage and enable DataSync on Snowcone for online transfer.

First, you should contact AWS Sales to discuss private pricing for the long-term AWS Snowcone deployment and for storage as your Amazon S3 environment will grow to over a petabyte within a year.

What follows is an estimate based on public pricing. You would pay the job fee for Snowcone, $60, plus the extra days (360 * $6) for the use of Snowcone: $2,160. You also pay the DataSync fees for copying data to AWS as follows: 3 TB * 1,024 GB * $0.0125 / GB * 31 days = $1,190.40 per month for 93 TB of transfer, or $14,016 per year for 1.095 PB of data transfer.

The total cost per year would be $16,236 at list price.

Loss Fees

If a Snowcone device is lost or irreparably damaged while it is in your possession – after delivery and before the carrier accepts the device for return delivery – you will be charged loss fees as noted below. Loss fees also apply if you do not provide the device to the carrier for return to us at our request.

Snowcone Lost Device Fee is $2,000.

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