Secure Storage and Sharing

Store content in Amazon WorkDocs: You can store virtually any type of file on Amazon WorkDocs. Each individual user account on Amazon WorkDocs includes 1 TB of storage capacity by default. Administrators can set storage limits for individual users and also purchase additional storage for users on a pay-as-you-go basis. There is no limit on the amount of additional data and number of documents you can store.

Unlimited versioning: You can easily keep track of prior versions in Amazon WorkDocs with unlimited versioning. A new version of a file is created every time you save it. With Amazon WorkDocs, all feedback is associated with a specific file version, so you can easily refer back to comments in earlier iterations. You can also delete a specific version of a file that you own to more effectively manage your data limit or to help protect and secure data by deleting a previous version that is no longer needed for any reason.

Search: Searching made easy with Amazon WorkDocs Smart Search: Amazon WorkDocs Smart Search speeds up your content searches so you can spend more time creating, editing, and sharing files with colleagues. It lets you search across document content, comments, and labels in addition to file and folder names. You can further refine your search by content location, last updated time and date range, and specific file types. Results will display as a sorted list, with folders listed before files.

WorkDocs drive offline content and offline search: With WorkDocs Drive offline capabilities, you can access content even when network connectivity is limited. In addition you can also find the content in both online and offline modes with Smart Search. WorkDocs Smart Search lets you query across content, comments, and document labels in addition to searching for files by name.

Share a link: You can share files with anyone using a shareable link, invite any internal user to contribute, and request feedback. When creating a link, you decide if the link is public to anyone, or only other users. You can set an expiration date and password on the link.

Invite others – internally and externally: With Amazon WorkDocs, you can invite others to view, contribute to, or co-own your files by entering user names, group names, and email addresses. You can also request specific feedback with a personal message and set a deadline. To share content externally, you can invite an external user to create guest account the first time they log in to Amazon WorkDocs.

1-click file sharing: You can also share content with a single click directly from Windows File Explorer on a Windows PCs using Amazon WorkDocs Companion. To use this feature, the Amazon WorkDocs Companion application should be installed on your Microsoft Windows PC. You can upload files to your Amazon WorkDocs site and share them with a link automatically copied to your clipboard.

File control: Amazon WorkDocs lets you control who can access, comment, and download or print your files. You can lock files to make changes and ensure that edits are not overwritten by other contributors, eliminating the need to coordinate changes. You can also disable feedback when you have completed a file.

Encryption: With Amazon WorkDocs, your content is encrypted in transit and at rest to ensure the security of your data and help you meet regulatory and compliance requirements. Amazon WorkDocs is built on AWS, where security is our number one priority.

Tasks management: With Amazon WorkDocs Tasks, you can review action items that are pending, assigned, and resolved in one place. Types of tasks you can use include sending content out for review, requesting access to a file, transferring ownership of a file, and requesting action from your site administrator. With Tasks, you and your teams can collaborate more efficiently by highlighting action items for the day.

WorkDocs Drive

Amazon WorkDocs Drive is a desktop application that combines the ease of working in Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder with the scale of Amazon WorkDocs. With Amazon WorkDocs Drive, all of your files are available on-demand from your device without consuming valuable disk space on your PC or Mac. You can use Amazon WorkDocs Drive as your primary user drive, and you don’t need to use network shares to store your content.

All changes you make to content that is accessed through Amazon WorkDocs Drive are automatically synced to your Amazon WorkDocs site, and also available to access from any other devices via Amazon WorkDocs applications.

Amazon WorkDocs Drive is available for Microsoft Windows PCs, Amazon WorkSpaces, and macOS version 10.11 and later.


Commenting: With Amazon WorkDocs, you can add private comments, format comment text, resolve comments, and respond to comments in a threaded conversation. When providing feedback in Amazon WorkDocs, you can add overall comments or comment on specific sections of a file.

Notifications: You can notify someone of your comment by tagging them with @username. You can also disable email notifications for files.

Request feedback: When sharing a document, you can assign colleagues a task which will then appear in the “Tasks” tab in the top right of the Amazon WorkDocs user interface.


Editing in Microsoft Office: You can edit documents directly in Microsoft Office with Amazon WorkDocs Companion. Amazon WorkDocs Companion is an app that lets you edit Microsoft Office, .pdf, and .txt files from your browser. You can save your changes as a new version on your Amazon WorkDocs site. With Amazon WorkDocs Companion, you no longer need to manually download, save, and upload files when accessing Amazon WorkDocs from your browser.

Open with Microsoft Office Online: Amazon WorkDocs also lets you open and edit Microsoft Office files directly from your browser using Open with Office Online. You can review feedback, edit, and make changes to Microsoft Office files without switching applications.

Hancom ThinkFree Office Online: Amazon WorkDocs lets you create Microsoft Office files in real time from your browser with collaborative editing powered by Hancom Thinkfree Office Online. You can create new documents, spreadsheets, and presentations without leaving your browser.

Activity Feed

Amazon WorkDocs Activity Feed helps you easily keep track of engagements with your content by other users on your Amazon WorkDocs site. You can search actions by file, folder, or user name in real-time. You can also use multiple options to filter your results.
With Amazon WorkDocs, administrators can use the Activity Feed to track site-wide actions by file, folder, or user name in real-time. You can also use multiple options to filter your results.

Web and Mobile Access

You can access your Amazon WorkDocs site from any browser with a connection to the Internet. You can also access Amazon WorkDocs via mobile applications on iOS, Android, and Fire Tablet to collaborate from any device at any time

WorkDocs Approval Workflow

You can use approval workflow to adhere to business processes in your organization. You can create an approval workflow to route documents and other files stored in WorkDocs to one or more users for their approval. Approval workflow enables users to build workflows to track and manage their document approval processes in an automated manner.

For Administrators

Compliance: Amazon WorkDocs is HIPAA eligible, PCI DSS compliant, and aligns with ISO compliance requirements. Amazon WorkDocs helps you meet your regulatory and compliance requirements for collaboration and file management. With Amazon WorkDocs, you can store and collaborate on files that contain sensitive financial and medical data. To help you demonstrate your commitment to information security, Amazon WorkDocs also has ISO 9001, 27001, 27107, and 27018 certifications.

Active Directory Integration: Amazon WorkDocs lets you use your Active Directory to manage your users. If you use Active Directory, you can create user groups, enable multi-factor authentication (MFA), and configure single sign-on (SSO) for your Amazon WorkDocs site. Your users can also log in with their existing credentials when you use Active Directory with Amazon WorkDocs.

With Amazon WorkDocs, you can integrate with Active Directory in two ways – either by establishing a secure trust relationship between your on-premises Active Directory and your AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory (Enterprise Edition) domain controller, or by using the AWS Directory Service Active Directory Connector.

Auto-Activation: With auto-activation, when provisioning your WorkDocs site, all directory users are provided a valid WorkDocs account, enabling each directory user to sign in and being using full WorkDocs functionality as a Managed User without you having to manually activate each user, one by one. Users with Managed User role allow them to save files and collaborate with others on a WorkDocs site.

Data Residency: You can specify in which AWS Region to store your content to help meet data residency requirements. Your users can access your Amazon WorkDocs site from anywhere in the world regardless of which AWS region you choose. Refer to AWS Regions to see where Amazon WorkDocs is currently available.

Data Retention: Amazon WorkDocs lets you specify a site-wide data retention policy for your users’ files and folders. With a data retention policy, you can recover user-deleted files and folders during the retention policy period. Retention policies are applied to all files and folders associated with an Amazon WorkDocs site, and the retention policy can be adjusted from the default of 60 days to any value from 0 to 365 days.

IP Filtering Allow Lists: IP address-based allow lists can be added in your Amazon WorkDocs Admin Console. You can set the IP address ranges from which you wish to provide access. When a user tries to connect to your Amazon WorkDocs site from a browser, Amazon WorkDocs drive, mobile device, sync, or companion app, the IP address from which the request originated is evaluated against your allow list. If it is not on the allow list, access will be denied. If you do not filter user access by IP address with an allow list, access will be open to all IP addresses.

Migration Tool: Using the Amazon WorkDocs migration service application, you can configure migration tasks, and target WorkDocs account and site to migrate data to. You can schedule the migration task to execute during a specific period as a one-time data transfer operation or have regular migrations so as to minimize downtime for your users. The migration service application provides up-to-date information and status on migration jobs including detailed reports once migration has successfully completed.

Drive Letter Selection: With Amazon WorkDocs Drive, you can select any custom drive letter based on your organization’s configurations, standards, or preferences. You can also mass deploy a specific drive letter for your organization. This feature offers your organization not only the flexibility but also the control you need to select a specific drive letter for your virtual WorkDocs Drive.

For Developers

The Amazon WorkDocs SDK helps you build content collaboration and management capabilities into your solutions and applications by providing full administrator and user level access to Amazon WorkDocs site resources. Using the Amazon WorkDocs SDK, you can also integrate the activity feed with your analytics solutions to create real-time monitoring of your Amazon WorkDocs users and files.

Extensible API: The Amazon WorkDocs SDK includes an extensible API that provides admin and user level actions for: user administration, permission management, sharing, commenting, metadata, labeling, and activity tracking.

Part of the AWS SDK: The Amazon WorkDocs SDK is part of the AWS SDK so you can easily take advantage of the power of AWS for security, monitoring, business logic, analytics, storage, artificial intelligence, and app development.

API Monitoring and Notifications: If you want to monitor API actions, Amazon WorkDocs is integrated with AWS CloudTrail and Amazon SNS. AWS CloudTrail logs API calls and Amazon SNS notifies you when new log files are delivered. You can use AWS CloudWatch to automatically monitor and alert you when certain criteria are met in your CloudTrail logs.

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