Training and Certification for Government

Build cloud fluency to accelerate innovation and transform your mission

This webpage is for learners interested in building the cloud skills necessary to work with the AWS Cloud for the government. For non-government-related training, get started with our AWS Training overview.

Government entities increasingly need employees with the same level of cloud expertise as those who work in the private sector. AWS Training and Certification can help you modernize government by building your skills to deliver scalable, cost-effective cloud services to citizens everywhere.

Designed by AWS technical experts for unique government use cases and educational needs, AWS content helps you grow and validate your cloud skills while accelerating your career. You can leverage a wide range of digital and classroom training along with government-specific resources.


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The Benefits of AWS Training and Certification



Understanding new cloud technologies fosters an agile, innovative culture. Comprehensively trained staff can adopt the cloud up to 80% faster.

Speed of development

Training on AWS accelerates IT projects. Staff can iterate faster and get to a proof of concept with less effort—leaving more time for refining and improving.


Using AWS can increase the efficiency of your IT projects, reduce time to mission-critical solutions, and minimize your staff’s time investment.