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Accelerating digital transformation

“We transformed from a model of chasing tickets and racking servers to a model of durable teams that can move and pursue value quickly on AWS.”

 - Suren Pillay, Chief Technology Officer, Absa Group 

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“Investing in our staff’s development not only provides rewarding personal growth opportunities, it also contributes to improvements in the quality of patient care provided to the residents of NSW.”

 - Farhoud Salimi, Executive Director, Service Delivery, eHealth NSW

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With AWS, BMW upskills 2,500 employees in cloud technology and launches the BMW AWS Platform Academy in South Africa to close the skills gap.

Driving productivity and innovation

A mobile game developer gumi Asia, upskilled 50% of their engineers, resulting in a 10% decrease in cloud infrastructure costs and a 29% improvement in API response time, enhancing player experiences.

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With AWS Skill Builder, CloudCall employees implement new features and projects on AWS, providing better customer solutions faster.

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With AWS Training, Salesforce transforms skills to cloud-native, boosting speed, efficiency, and overall workforce satisfaction.

Attracting and retaining talent

Lockheed Martin invests in early career talent through the Cloud Certification Challenge on AWS.

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Sky invests in AWS Certifications to drive business results while supporting personal development interests of employees.

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Firemind, hires emerging cloud-skilled talent from AWS Education Programs to keep up with the rapid growth of its generative AI business.

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