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What is Amazon Transcribe? (1:43)
Modernize your contact center with AI: Gain valuable insights by transcribing recordings (5:33)
Make audio & video files searchable using Amazon Transcribe & Amazon Kendra (8:17)
Zillow: Building speech analytics using AWS AI services (5:57)
AWS re:Invent 2020: Modernize your contact center with AWS Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) (30:59)
AWS re:Invent 2020: Using AI to automate clinical workflows (17:33)
AWS re:Invent 2020: Enhance speech recognition accuracy using custom language models (27:34)
AWS re:Invent 2020: Using Amazon Transcribe to make content searchable and accessible (28:38)

Evaluating an automatic speech recognition service
Scott Seyfarth and Paul Zhao

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Building custom language models to supercharge speech-to-text performance for Amazon Transcribe
Paul Zhao and Vivek Govindan

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Make your audio and video files searchable using Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Kendra
Bob Strahan and Abhinav Jawadekar

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