Break free from legacy databases


For years, commercial relational databases were the default choice for building applications. Developers knew the technology, purchasing departments had existing contracts, and everyone could handle the job in front of them.

But times have changed, and legacy commercial databases haven't changed with them. The cloud has accelerated how you build and manage your applications and infrastructure. The elasticity of the cloud means you can build faster, more resilient applications. It also means that you don't need to be locked in to restrictive annual contracts. It even means that your developers can learn new technologies, such as NoSQL databases, to push past the limitations of prior eras.

In this course, you learn how to move from a legacy database to a cloud-native database from Amazon Web Services (AWS). First, you learn about why you would want to break free from legacy databases and the key factors to consider in choosing a cloud-native database. Then you can walk through examples of moving to a cloud-native relational database such as Amazon Aurora or a cloud-native NoSQL database such as Amazon DynamoDB.

Break Free from Legacy Databases - Introduction (1:02)

AWS experience: Intermediate

Time to complete: 90 minutes

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