Posted On: Apr 6, 2022

AWS Lambda is announcing Lambda Function URLs, a new feature that makes it easier to invoke functions through an HTTPS endpoint as a built-in capability of the AWS Lambda service. You can add Function URLs to new and existing functions in a single click from the console, or in a couple of lines using AWS CloudFormation or the AWS Serverless Application Model. Function URLs are ideal for getting started with buiding web services on Lambda or for common tasks like building web hooks.

Each Function URL points to a single Lambda function or function alias and is secured by AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) by default. You can optionally configure Function URLs for public access to allow unauthenticated invokes or to use custom authorization logic that you built within your function’s handler. The function’s resource-based policy is always in effect and must be updated to allow public access if you choose to not use IAM to authenticate and authorize principals calling your Function URL. You can review findings reported by IAM Access Analyzer to identify Function URLs that allow public access. Refer to the Lambda Developer Guide to learn more about how to control access to your Function URLs.

Lambda Function URLs are now available in Regions where Lambda is available except for the AWS GovCloud (US) and AWS China Regions. There is no additional cost for using this feature — Function URLs are included in the regular cost of invoking Lambda functions. For more information about pricing, visit the AWS Lambda Pricing Page. To learn more, read our blog or see the Lambda developer guide.

10/24/22 - Post updated to reflect proper regional availability regarding the AWS GovCloud (US) regions.