Moody’s Analytics Transactional Reporting Solution

Respond to AnaCredit and other granular regulatory reporting demands

Moody’s Analytics Transactional Reporting solution can be rapidly deployed on AWS

Moody’s Analytics Transactional Reporting Solution allows banks in the Eurozone to submit AnaCredit Reports in compliance with the European Central Bank (ECB) and the National Central Banks (NCBs) requirements. Additionally, the solution addresses the Securities Holding Statistic (SHS), De Nederlandsche Bank's Commercial Real Estate (CRE), and Residential Real Estate (RRE) requirements.

Our SaaS solution helps banks manage large volumes of data in a cost effective manner, thanks to the elasticity of the cloud. Moody’s Analytics Transactional Reporting Solution is flexible to help banks adapt quickly to regulatory requirements which are still evolving. Moreover, Moody’s Analytics ensures a high level of availability of service, security and data protection, aligned with the latest EBA recommendations on outsourcing.

Moody’s is an AWS Advanced Technology partner and has achieved AWS Financial Services competency

Solution highlights

Our solution is deployed on AWS and can easily scale to meet banks’ needs to gather, manage, validate, reconcile, and submit large volumes of data in a fast and cost effective manner. 

Save time on reporting: Simplify and automate the whole reporting process, from data ingestion to report generation.

Overcome data gaps and data quality issues: Tap into Bureau van Dijk data pool of more than 275 million companies worldwide to fill missing data and identify discrepancies between your current attributes and Bureau van Dijk’s data pool.

Stay Compliant: Rely on Moody’s ongoing regulatory maintenance to adopt the latest regulatory requirements as they continue to change over time.

Ensure consistency in reporting: Ensure consistency and reconciliation with Basel III and other reporting processes; for example, COREP, FINREP, and IFRS 9, by using common data definitions.

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