Domino's Pizza Enterprises Ltd (DPE) is one of the largest pizza businesses in the world; their vision is to be the leader in deliveries in every neighborhood.

"The customer is at the heart of everything we do at Domino's and we are working relentlessly to improve and enhance their experience. Using Amazon Personalize, we are able to achieve personalization at scale across our entire customer base, which was previously impossible. Amazon Personalize enables us to apply context about individual customers and their circumstances, and deliver customized communications such as special deals and offers through our digital channels."

Allan Collins, Group Chief Marketing Officer - Domino's Pizza Enterprises


Sony Interactive Entertainment PlayStation Network is a global leader in interactive and digital entertainment; with the goal to bring together the best games, movies, TV shows, music and more for their users. 

"At Sony, we are focused on developing predictive models to create an engaging and relevant experience for all our consumers. However, delivering truly personalized offers and tailored content to millions of users across channels and content formats is no simple task – it requires the complex integration of advanced technology, people, and processes. Amazon Personalize eliminates the heavy lifting of building a personalized recommendation system. We can leverage Amazon Personalize's data pipelines and indexing infrastructure, while developing our models using Amazon SageMaker. The combination of Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Personalize enables us to automate and accelerate our machine learning development, and drive more effective personalization at scale."

Gabor Melli, Senior Director of Machine Learning - Sony Interactive Entertainment


Yamaha Corporation of America (YCA) offers a large assortment of high-quality musical instruments and audio products to U.S. customers. Their products include Keyboard, Guitar, Winds and Strings, Percussion, Professional Audio and Consumer Audio.

“Amazon Personalize saves us up to 60% of the time needed to set up and tune the infrastructure and algorithms for our machine learning models when compared to building and configuring the environment on our own. It is ideal for both small developer teams who are trying to build the case for ML and large teams who are trying to iterate rapidly at reasonable cost. Even better, we expect Amazon Personalize to be more accurate than other recommender systems, allowing us to delight our customers with highly personalized product suggestions during their shopping experience, which we believe will increase our average order value and the total number of orders.”

Ishwar Bharbhari, Director of Information Technology - Yamaha Corporation of America


The Subway restaurant chain offers guests in over 100 countries quality ingredients and flavor combinations with nearly 7 million made-to-order sandwiches created daily.

“At Subway, guest experience matters. Using Amazon Personalize, we can quickly deliver personalized recommendations for our endless varieties of ingredients and flavors to fit the unique lifestyles of our busy guests. Amazon Personalize lets our team use simple API calls to curate recommendations without requiring machine learning expertise. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Amazon Personalize to provide the best experience to our guests who want to eat fresh. We have already successfully tested using Personalize to provide recommendations to guests making orders from our app, and are excited to expand into personalized app notifications in the near future.”

Neville Hamilton, Interim Chief Information Officer - Subway


Zola is the fastest growing wedding company in the country using design and technology to create the easiest wedding planning and registry experience for couples getting married today.

"At Zola, we develop innovative wedding planning tools to serve couples. We want to be there along the entire wedding journey and provide the best possible recommendations to our customers based on their style, interests, or preferences. Until now, those recommendations have been implemented via rule-based ranking, popularity, or, more recently, via a similarity model calculated offline. These methods were difficult to maintain and scale. Amazon Personalize provides us with state-of-the-art algorithms and an end-to-end personalization solution that enables us to respond to customer actions in real-time. Being a small team, using Amazon Personalize will allow us to quickly deliver solutions that would have otherwise taken a much larger team and several months development time."

Stephane Bailliez, VP of Engineering -


NAVITIME is the leading provider of navigation technology and services in Japan.

"NAVITIME is committed to delivering the most pertinent and up-to-date travel information for all our users. Beyond just getting users from one spot to the next, NAVITIME takes into consideration their previous trips and traveling preferences, and use that information to offer personalized experiences and discover businesses around them. We believe that Amazon Personalize offers an efficient solution that will help us drive relevant, contextual recommendations, and further improve our overall user experience."

Ikuo Odanaka, General Manager of Development Department - NAVITIME

Pomelo Fashion is a leading omnichannel fashion brand based in Bangkok, Thailand, with a global customer base.

"Our goal is to be the best omnichannel company in Southeast Asia. We work relentlessly to make that dream a reality by constantly improving the customer experience at all stages through the shopping journey, both offline and online. We use Amazon Personalize to deliver a unique shopping experience to our many customers across the globe. Amazon Personalize allows us to seamlessly provide this personalization at scale. For Pomelo, Amazon Personalize is not just powerful but transformational in today’s e-commerce world!"

Paulo Almedia, Vice President of Engineering - Pomelo Fashion

RB Media

RBmedia is a global leader in spoken audio content and digital media distribution technology that reaches millions of consumers.

"Our customers are far more likely to engage with personalized content recommendations that are tailored to them and their particular needs, especially when they're given hundreds of thousands of titles to choose from. Amazon Personalize made it easy to build, train and deploy a personalization system at scale, without the need of utilizing extensive resources and specialized expertise."

Mike Pyland, CTO - RBmedia

Pathé Thuis

Pathé Thuis is the leading VOD provider in the Netherlands for new theatrical releases with over 2500 titles.

“At Pathé Thuis we’re always working to help our users find more relevant and delightful content based on their own preferences. But finding the right recommendations for our customers from our large and ever expanding catalog, with new content being added frequently is hard. With Amazon Personalize, we’re able to easily train sophisticated, custom machine learning models on our data to rapidly produce more relevant movie recommendations for our customers. We were able to integrate Amazon Personalize easy-to-use APIs into our existing workflows and immediately see business value, something that would have been impossible to create from scratch with such a small and agile team. Now we can easily delight our customers with personalized content recommendations at scale.”

Ivar Vermeulen, Head of Platform - Pathé Thuis

Ateam Inc. is a Japanese company with several lines of business including an online bicycle store called “cyma.”

“Our cyma store delivers fully assembled bicycles directly to customers’ doorsteps. Our growing business aims to be a leader in Japanese bicycle e-commerce, a goal that we’re aiming to achieve through our excellence in recommending products according to users’ personalized needs. We decided to use Amazon Personalize as a cost effective, highly compatible solution for our personalization needs. In addition to using the recommendation results from Amazon Personalize for our website, we plan to utilize the insights from Amazon Personalize in our sales flow. We are excited for upcoming features and services from Amazon Personalize and AWS.”

Masahiro Funakoshi, Director Vice President of Engineering - Ateam Lifestyle Inc.


Spuul is an Over-the-top (OTT) platform delivering Indian Movies and TV Shows to an audience worldwide.

"With thousands of movies and TV shows selection, it is a challenge to surface the most relevant programs to our viewers. To enable faster and more efficient content discovery, we want to deliver the highest quality content recommendations that are tailored to individuals' interests and preferences. Amazon Personalize enables us to easily and quickly implement a recommendation engine. Despite having no prior experience in AI/ML, it only took us 3 days to understand the service, create a first data set, and generate a recommendation. With Amazon Personalize, we will be able to provide every consumer with a personalized viewing experience."

Daniel Muller, Head of Cloud Infrastructure - Spuul

Data in the Raw helps online retailers and content producers build scalable analytics and machine learning infrastructures. With just one JavaScript tag, Data in the Raw can start automatically capturing users’ unfiltered web data, from which they create a custom behavioral CRM on AWS. That CRM can be used with business intelligence software and can help enable personalization, conversion rate optimization, user experience/user interaction analysis, attribution modelling, and more. The company describes their offering as a self-service big data pipeline to AWS.

“In this time of one-size-fits-all personalization and expensive customer data platforms, Data in the Raw is different. Unlike other platforms that sell users back their own data, our affordable pricing already includes ownership of raw clickstream data. With the recent release of Amazon Personalize, our clients are now shifting away from boring and bloated personalization platforms to build experiences that reach their customers more efficiently. Not only do our clients save thousands of dollars using Data in the Raw and Amazon Personalize, they have ultimate control over their own data and freedom to build what works for them. With our core values of data democratization, Data in the Raw and Amazon Personalize are the perfect match.”

Andrew Duffle, Co-Founder - Data in the Raw 

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