AWS Authorized Instructor Program (AAI)

Explore how to advance your career as an AAI

Become an AWS Authorized Instructor (AAI)

The AAI Program is a global program that gathers all instructors authorized to deliver official AWS curriculum via AWS or ATPs—the AWS employees, partner-employed instructors, and freelance instructors recognized by the AAI status.

Program benefits

For students

Whether the class you want to join is delivered in AWS offices or by an AWS Training Partner (ATP), our goal is to provide you with a world class experience. The large AAI community allows us to propose classes delivered in various languages and across countries.

For instructors

AAIs receive benefits (exam vouchers, console credits, mentorship and more) as a reward of being part of the AAI community. They also get to advertise their participation in this industry-recognized program, thanks to an AAI digital badge.

For partners

The AAI program is a means for partners to work with individuals that have been officially recognized by AWS. The AAI status is value-added to ATP-offered classes.

illustration of AWS Authorized Instructors

AAI qualifications

AAI profiles vary from seasoned trainers to IT consultants. The minimum certification required to join the AAI Program is the AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate Certification.

Steps to becoming an AAI

Find a sponsor

Individuals joining the program need to be sponsored by an AWS Training Partner (ATP). Sponsorship is here to ensure access to tools to which only AWS or ATPs have access.  


AAIs receive access to a library of exclusive content upon signature of Authorized Instructor Agreements with AWS. They are requested to study on various topics for a period of four weeks in order to prepare themselves for the authorization.

Instructor candidate authorization

AAIs are evaluated in groups over a multi-day exam. During these sessions, they are evaluated on their knowledge of the official curriculum as well as their skills to deliver live and efficient courses.

The AAI Community

The AAI community is made up of instructors with unique backgrounds and a wide range of experiences in the cloud and in the classroom. They come from all over the globe and share a passion for teaching as well as educating AWS customers. There are three effective ways to participate within the AAI community:


AWS Authorized Instructor badge

A status acquired by internal or partner technical instructors who are authorized to deliver formal AWS curriculum.

AAI Champion

AWS Authorized Instructor Champion badge

An AAI who is authorized to deliver a minimum of 15 distinct AWS course days and holds (at least) one active Specality or Professional AWS certification.

AAI Mentor

AWS Authorized Instructor Mentor badge

A status acquired by AAI Champions who received Mentor nomination, attended the AAI Mentor Program training, and passed the subsequent assessment. Currently, internal AAIs can achieve this status and mentor partner AAIs. 


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