Amazon RDS Proxy customers

“We are continuously on the lookout to optimize and improve performance and scalability for our customers. Since Drupal does not natively support connection pooling, we wanted a solution that would allow us to better scale our application’s connections on relational databases. RDS Proxy fits the bill perfectly! With RDS Proxy, our customer's Drupal applications are able to easily utilize a ready pool of established connections. This has allowed us to both better manage sudden surges in website traffic and improve the efficiency of our databases.”

Ed Brennan, Chief Architect - Acquia

“We have a serverless API infrastructure based on AWS Lambda, which is expected to support tens of thousands of users and requires a scalable backend data store. While we have traditionally relied on NoSQL databases for such scenarios, the challenge in this situation was that we needed strong SQL querying capabilities to manage and access the data provided by Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora databases. We can now address this challenge with RDS Proxy in front of our RDS and Aurora databases. In our testing, we observed 4X improvement in response times with RDS Proxy at peak loads. RDS Proxy is beneficial for us since we can use familiar SQL statements with our relational databases and all we needed to do was to simply switch the endpoint.”

Masahiro Arai, Digital Strategy Division - CAINZ

"We recently migrated our MySQL databases to Amazon Aurora. Our applications keep a large number of database connections open, putting stress on our database during connection surges, causing outages for our customers. Upon migrating to Amazon Aurora, RDS Proxy became a critical piece of our architecture to scale our application and optimize costs. Using RDS Proxy, our applications could open far more connections to the proxy, which in turn reduced database connections by up to 90 percent during peak hours, insulating the database from high connection counts. RDS Proxy not only helped improve our system stability, but it also helped reduce our costs. With less system resources going to database connections, we could consolidate our databases into fewer Amazon Aurora clusters, lowering our total operating costs."

Peter Fein, Senior Software Architect - CloudHealth by VMware

"RDS Proxy was a game-changer for us during Indian Premier League 2023. It helped us handle the massive traffic spikes during round lock without compromising on database performance and availability. It also enabled us to scale our resources dynamically and optimize our costs. We were able to deliver a seamless experience to our users. RDS Proxy is a must-have for any online gaming platform that needs to handle unpredictable and high-volume traffic."

Bipul Karnani, Principal Engineer - Dream 11

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