VMware Cloud on AWS

Innovate faster, modernize applications, and rapidly transition to the cloud

Accelerate VMware vSphere-based workload migration to highly available and scalable AWS infrastructure.

Use existing hardware and cloud infrastructure, reducing the cost of shifting to a hybrid cloud model.

Speed up innovation with access to a rich set of AWS services, including machine learning (ML), analytics, compute, and database.

Simplify hybrid IT operations by using the same VMware technologies on premises and on AWS.

How it works

VMware Cloud on AWS is a fully managed, jointly engineered service that brings VMware’s enterprise-class, software-defined data center architecture to the cloud. Delivered on demand, the service provides a simplified, seamless migration.
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Use cases

Migrate with minimal downtime

Move to the cloud faster with high-speed, reliable connectivity between on-premises and cloud data.

Simplify disaster recovery solutions

Reduce secondary site costs and rapidly restore data from breach threats using disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).

Extend your data center

On-demand, agile AWS capacity helps you expand your data center footprint and flexibly handle temporary capacity changes.

Build next-generation applications

Build new applications with native AWS services while using consistent infrastructure compatible with your on-premises vSphere environment.

How to get started

Start using VMware Cloud on AWS

Move applications between your on-premises architecture and AWS.

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