Leostream powered by Amazon WorkSpaces Core

Improve user visibility and cost management, while leveraging the security and scalability of the AWS Cloud

As a hybrid solution, Leostream Remote Desktop Access Platform powered by Amazon WorkSpaces Core, enables you to provision, deploy, and manage Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) directly from the Leostream platform—taking advantage of pay-as-you-go infrastructure that eliminates the need for capacity planning.  


Customer choice

Enable end users to connect to their desktop via a company-owned or personal device, easily provisioning new users and managing access from the Leostream console. Choose from a wide range of protocols including; Leostream HTML5-based RDP, VNC, SSH, NICE DCV, HPI PCoIP, NoMachine, and Mechdyne TGX. 

Flexible authentication support

Integration with Azure AD, Azure MFA, RADIUS, SMAL-Based Identity providers, and Duo maximizes user-authentication flexibility. 

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Usage-based pricing allows you to move virtual desktops to the cloud on your terms, only paying for what you use. No over-provisioning or capacity planning necessary.

How it works

The Amazon WorkSpaces Core API integrates directly with the Leostream Remote Desktop Access Platform, allowing you to provision and scale resources to meet your specific requirements.

WorkSpaces core and Workspot

Use cases

Data center extension

Add and extend desktop and application workloads (including “bursting”) to the AWS Cloud without investing time or capital in additional data center resources.  

Performance optimization

With third-party applications running increasingly on AWS Cloud infrastructure, deploying a VDI solution in close proximity to applications can help improve performance.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

Build a disaster recovery (DR) site at AWS and avoid over-provisioning with consumption-based pricing, ensuring your users can continue working through an issue.