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Leostream announces support for Amazon WorkSpaces Core

Today, the Leostream Platform announced support for Amazon WorkSpaces Core. You can now provision, deploy, and manage Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) powered by WorkSpaces Core directly from the Leostream Remote Desktop Access Platform. This new solution combines Leostream’s platform with the security, global reliability, and cost efficiency of the AWS infrastructure.

No two organizations are alike and all customers have different needs when it comes to their virtual desktops. This solution offers you an additional choice for your VDI management. You can now choose to manage your VDI from the Leostream platform including your resources on-premises, in Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (Amazon EC2), or on WorkSpaces Core.

Leostream for WorkSpaces Core offers a broad range of capabilities including multi-protocol support, hybrid architectures, and automation workflows. For more information, check out this Leostream blog.

What is the Leostream Remote Desktop Access Platform?

The Leostream platform provides a purpose-built solution for advanced hybrid cloud environments. This allows flexibility for end-users to work from anywhere, to connect with the tools they require, and to connect with team members. The platform empowers IT professionals to make work- from-anywhere a reality, all while maintaining constant visibility of users, security, costs, and provisioning through a single-pane-of-glass within their chosen hybrid cloud environments.

What is WorkSpaces Core?

WorkSpaces Core offers managed virtual desktop infrastructure designed to work with third-party management solutions. WorkSpaces Core is part of the Amazon WorkSpaces Family services. The WorkSpaces Family services share the same infrastructure stack, giving customers and partners flexibility and choice while maintaining the security, global reliability, and cost efficiency customers have enjoyed from Amazon WorkSpaces for years. To use WorkSpaces Core you must enable bring your own license (BYOL) and bring your own protocol (BYOP) features in your AWS account.


Leostream for WorkSpaces Core provides administrators with a single console to manage their infrastructure and simplify end-user computing. Administrators use a single platform to manage their VDI across all WorkSpaces Core regions globally.

To learn more about WorkSpaces Core check out our re:Invent blog or get started now with Leostream’s blog.

Ivan O'Mahony Ivan O’Mahony is a Senior Product Manager for AWS End User Computing services, specifically Amazon WorkSpaces Core. He helps partners build and scale their cloud solutions for end customers using AWS services.
Gigi Boehringer Gigi Boehringer is a Senior Product Manager for AWS End User Computing services, specifically Amazon WorkSpaces Core.