Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client FAQs


Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client is an end-user device and service that helps organizations reduce overall virtual desktop cost, strengthen security posture, and simplify end-user deployment. End users can set up a device in minutes, with no IT assistance. WorkSpaces Thin Client also helps improve security by preventing users from storing data or loading applications on the local device, and it includes a simple device management service. WorkSpaces Thin Client provides a console to centrally monitor, manage, and maintain devices and their connectivity to AWS virtual desktop services. Thin client devices are purchased from Amazon Business, streamlining logistics by shipping directly from Amazon fulfillment centers to the end user.

WorkSpaces Thin Client includes a user-friendly on-device setup experience that guides end users through connecting thin client devices to their monitors, peripherals, and local network. A unique activation code provided by the IT administrator allows the end user to connect to the preprovisioned virtual desktop environment during the setup process.

Purchasing and shipping

You order WorkSpaces Thin Client devices and hubs (for extending the display across dual monitors) through Amazon Business. You need an Amazon Business account to purchase WorkSpaces Thin Client.

Yes. When you purchase devices through Amazon Business, you provide shipping information for individual end users or a central receiving location.

You receive the thin client device and hub together in a single box from Amazon Business.

The WorkSpaces Thin Client device includes an HDMI-out port to connect to a monitor and a single USB port to connect to a hub. If you want to extend the screen across 2 monitors, you must purchase the Zhenyou EVT hub (offered as a bundle with WorkSpaces Thin Client). This hub includes both an HDMI-out port and 4 USB ports.

Monitors and peripherals

A list of compatible monitors and peripherals can be found in the user guide.

You can purchase these monitors and peripherals through Amazon Business.

Device terms

Detailed device terms for WorkSpaces Thin Client are available on the terms page


You pay up front for the WorkSpaces Thin Client device plus a monthly service fee per device to manage, monitor, and maintain your thin client fleet in the WorkSpaces Thin Client management console. Standard pricing for Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon WorkSpaces Web, and Amazon AppStream 2.0 applies when these services are used with WorkSpaces Thin Client devices. For more information, see the WorkSpaces Thin Client Pricing page.

No. You begin paying the monthly service fee when the end user activates the device, and you stop paying the monthly service fee when the device is deleted from inventory through the WorkSpaces Thin Client management console.

Devices deleted from inventory are not charged a service fee the following month. If you delete a device from inventory in the middle of the month, you are charged for the entire month of service for that device.

Software and operating systems

WorkSpaces Thin Client supports Microsoft Windows operating systems.

WorkSpaces Thin Client supports WorkSpaces Windows license-included and Windows Bring Your Own License bundles.

Virtual desktop features and protocols

WorkSpaces Thin Client supports Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon WorkSpaces Web, and Amazon AppStream 2.0.

No. You cannot copy from your virtual desktop to your local client.

See the WorkSpaces Thin Client Administrator Guide for a list of supported features for each service.