Posted On: Dec 12, 2018

AWS Storage Gateway released various feature enhancements to File Gateway, including increased performance, the option to selectively refresh portions of the gateway’s cache, and the ability to configure DNS and NTP settings.

File Gateway enables on-premises applications to access objects in Amazon S3 as files, through a local gateway deployed on a virtual or a Hardware Appliance. You can now achieve write throughputs of up to 500 MB/s by following published best practices.

You can now also do a selective cache refresh to update specific folders in the local File Gateway, further simplifying collaboration and content distribution workflows in geographically separated hybrid cloud environments.

Additionally, you can now specify your own Domain Name Service (DNS) and Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers for File Gateways, simplifying integration with on-premises network and security policies.

These features are available on new gateways in all regions where AWS Storage Gateway is available. Existing gateways will automatically receive the updates in the next scheduled maintenance, or you can apply them through the management console or service API.