Posted On: Mar 13, 2019

Starting today, you have access to two new AWS Elemental MediaConvert features. First, you can access more detailed and more frequent transcoding job progress status updates using Amazon CloudWatch. And second, you can use server-side encryption with Amazon S3 to protect the content you generate with MediaConvert at rest.

Using the new job progress status feature, you can configure how often you get updates in Amazon CloudWatch, ranging from every 10 seconds to every 10 minutes. These events now show the current phase of the job as well as the job completion percentage.

You can now protect media files output from MediaConvert, encrypting them as they are written to Amazon S3. This includes video and audio files, thumbnail images, caption files, and more. Server-side encryption is handled by Amazon S3 as it writes content to disk, and files are automatically decrypted when you access them. Two options are available: Amazon S3 managed keys and AWS Key Management Service (KMS) keys. For more information on server-side encryption in Amazon S3, visit

With AWS Elemental MediaConvert, video providers with any size content library can easily and reliably transcode on-demand content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery. MediaConvert functions independently or as part of AWS Elemental Media Services, a family of services that form the foundation of cloud-based workflows and offer the capabilities needed to transport, transcode, package, and deliver video.

For information about the availability of AWS Elemental MediaConvert in AWS regions, please visit the AWS global region table. To learn more about MediaConvert, please visit