Posted On: Sep 4, 2019

You can now save even more money on your file storage - automatically - as your access patterns change when using the Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) Infrequent Access storage class (EFS IA). Today we’re announcing a 44% reduction* in storage prices for EFS IA, one of the largest percentage price reductions in AWS history to date. EFS IA storage prices now start at $0.025/GB-month. Using the industry accepted estimate that 20% of data is actively used and 80% is infrequently accessed, this reduction leads to an effective EFS storage price of $0.08/GB-month (20% * $0.30/GB-month for files stored on EFS Standard + 80% * $0.025/GB-month for files stored on EFS IA = $0.08/GB-month)*.

All Amazon EFS file systems transparently serve data from two storage classes - EFS Standard and EFS IA - so you don’t have to worry about which of your files are actively used and which are infrequently accessed. EFS IA provides price/performance that’s cost-optimized for files not accessed every day, with storage prices up to 92% lower compared to EFS Standard. To load data into EFS IA, simply enable EFS Lifecycle Management, a capability that monitors your access patterns and moves files across the two EFS storage classes according to the policy you choose.

This price reduction is available in all EFS regions effective as of September 1st, 2019. For more information about EFS regional availability, see the AWS Region Table. For EFS IA pricing, see the EFS Pricing page. To get started with EFS Infrequent Access and Lifecycle Management, try it out in the Amazon EFS console.

You can read more about EFS IA and its updated pricing in the AWS News Blog.

*Pricing in the US East (N. Virginia) region.