Posted On: Mar 25, 2020

AWS Systems Manager now provides more operations data for AWS Resource Groups. You can now monitor your operational health, track resource configuration changes, track operational issues, and audit account activity for your resource groups, all from the Systems Manager console.  

AWS Resource Groups helps you organize your resources into groups so you can monitor, manage and act on the resources as a unit. You can use Resource Groups to manage your logical groups such as applications or environments. The enhanced Resource Groups view in Systems Manager now provides more contextual operations data such as Amazon CloudWatch metrics and alarms, AWS Config details, AWS CloudTrail logs, and Systems Manager OpsItems. If you create a resource group based on an AWS CloudFormation stack, you can now view detailed stack information including events in the enhanced Resource Groups view. In addition, you can also choose an individual resource in the group and explore details for that resource without leaving the Resource Groups view in Systems Manager console.  

You can easily get started with Resource Groups from the Systems Manager console by choosing Resource Groups from the left navigation pane. You can create a new resource group by specifying your resource tags or CloudFormation stack as the grouping criteria. 

This feature is available in all AWS Regions where AWS Systems Manager and AWS Resource Groups are supported. For more details about Resource Groups in Systems Manager, visit the AWS Systems Manager product page and documentation on viewing Resource Groups operations data.