Posted On: Jun 8, 2020

You can now restrict direct access to AWS Elemental MediaPackage by securing requests for VOD content using CDN authorization. With CDN authorization, content requests require a specific HTTP origin header and authorization code. MediaPackage verifies this code before it serves any content. For instructions on how to configure CDN authorization for live endpoints, please refer to the documentation pages.

Using a CDN such as Amazon CloudFront is recommended with MediaPackage, as CDNs cache video content for more efficient delivery to end viewers. This improves performance and lowers your costs by reducing the volume of video originated and packaged from MediaPackage.

MediaPackage functions independently or as part of AWS Elemental Media Services, a family of services that form the foundation of cloud-based video workflows and offer the capabilities you need to transport, create, package, monetize, and deliver video.

Visit the AWS region table for a full list of AWS Regions where AWS Elemental MediaPackage is available.