AWS Fargate for Amazon ECS now supports UDP load balancing with Network Load Balancer

Posted on: Jul 31, 2020

You can now use a Network Load Balancer (NLB) to distribute UDP traffic to container-based applications running on AWS Fargate orchestrated by Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS). Network Load Balancers are fully-managed load balancers that operate at the connection level (Layer-4) and are capable of handling millions of requests at ultra-low latency. Until now, you could use Network Load Balancers with AWS Fargate only with the TCP protocol. With this new integration, you get the simplicity of serverless containers to run applications on Fargate that use the UDP protocol. You can run workloads such as DNS, IoT, real-time media, and syslog while maintaining high throughput at ultra low latency through the Network Load Balancer.

Fargate support for the UDP protocol through a Network Load Balancer is available in Platform Version 1.4 for the Amazon ECS container orchestration service. The support is available in all AWS regions where Fargate is present. See the AWS Regional Services page for a list of services available by region. For more information, please see the blog post and the Network Load Balancer documentation page.