Posted On: May 20, 2021

Now you can easily setup monitoring, alarms and dashboards for your applications deployed in Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and Kubernetes on EC2 containers running on AWS with CloudWatch Application Insights. CloudWatch Application Insights is a capability that helps customers monitor and troubleshoot their enterprise applications running on AWS resources. The new feature adds monitoring tier options for capturing the metrics, telemetry and logs for monitoring the health and wellness of applications running in containers on AWS.

With the addition of container workloads, customers now have an easy path for setting up and managing monitoring for applications along with the container service and container cluster the application is running within. Application Insights will process logs and CloudWatch metrics in addition to those collected from Container Insights, for ECS, EKS and Kubernetes on EC2, reporting on status of memory, CPU and containers, including node and pod metrics. Application Insights will not only automatically setup the optimal metrics, telemetry and alarms for your application type such as .NET, Java or SQL Server, it will also analyze and report issues as they occur while providing analysis reports and recommended corrective actions for detected problems.

Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights provides automated setup of observability for your enterprise applications and underlying AWS resources and can be accessed via the Settings menu in CloudWatch. Use Amazon CloudWatch Automatic Dashboards to visualize problem details, accelerate troubleshooting, and help reduce mean time to resolution. Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights is available in all AWS public regions at no additional charge. You may incur charges for monitoring resources set up on Amazon CloudWatch. To learn more about Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights, please review the documentation.