Posted On: Mar 2, 2023

AWS Step Functions Distributed Map is now available in Middle East (UAE), Europe (Spain and Zurich), Asia Pacific (Hyderabad) and Australia (Melbourne) Regions.

AWS Step Functions is a visual workflow service capable of orchestrating over 11,000 API actions from over 250 AWS services to automate data processing workloads.

Now, with the distributed Map mode, AWS Step Functions can iterate over objects such as images, logs and financial data stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), a cloud object storage service. AWS Step Functions launches thousands of parallel workflow executions to process the data, and save the results of executions to Amazon S3. You can use the distributed Map mode to analyze millions of log files for security risks or iterate terabytes of data for business insights. To process your data, use compute services such as AWS Lambda and write code in any language supported, or choose from over 220 purpose-built AWS services to accelerate your development.

Start using distributed Map mode today in the console with Workflow Studio, Command Line Interface (CLI) or SDK. See the developer guide to learn more.