Amazon API Gateway Partners provide tools and services to help customers create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure their APIs at any scale.

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    3scale makes it easy to open, secure, manage, distribute, control, and monetize APIs. A self-serve API Management Platform, 3scale is built with performance, customer control and excellent time-to-value in mind. Powering more than 600 customer APIs, 3scale enables distribution of company data, content or services to multiple devices or mobile/Web applications - and makes it easy to productize APIs. No other solution gives API providers so much power, ease and flexibility in such a cost effective way.


    Apps Associates

    Apps Associates’ Cloud Services Practice includes service offerings in Application/Database/Data Center Migration & Hosting, Application Modernization, Big Data/IoT and Managed Services (MSP 3.0). These services are an extension of the firm’s consulting service portfolio and competencies in enterprise applications, analytics, infrastructure & application managed services, application custom development. AWS services such as API Gateway are integral to the business plan and growth strategy of Apps Associates and our Cloud Services practice as a foundation to support the Business Transformation initiatives and evolution of our clients.

    Candid partners

    Candid Partners

    Candid Partners design and deliver elegant, reliable and long-lasting technology solutions. From cloud-architects, to program managers and developers - they attract and cultivate the best technologists in the industry.



    Using Open Source foundations, Cedrus’ team of designers, architects, developers and, DevOps SMEs build and integrate Cloud Native applications that run on AWS-based environments with security at the forefront.



    HATech uses API Gateway as a core service in our Serverless Practice, whenever they are 'calling' data from another service such as Lambda, DynamoDB or SNS. HATech has worked and implemented many AWS API GW projects. In fact, HATech uses AWS API GW along with AWS Lambda for nearly all SaaS offerings including their own distributed Key/Value store they use to store service end points and configuration data. AWS API GW can be a little different to other API GW's such as WSO2 and Tyk.

    With extensive experience in the AWS API and Serverless marketplace, HATech can design an AWS API GW solution to meet the needs of their customer's business integrations. From REST based decoupled applications through to mobile app development for iOS and Android, we welcome all opportunity to discuss our customer's needs.



    iOLAP's focus on the Modern Data Platform allows it to quickly and effectively create business value from an increasing volume, velocity, and variety of data assets. They have a passion for creating solutions that de-risk innovation, deliver repeatable frameworks, and unlock the power of data assets.


    Klika Tech for Amazon API Gateway

    Klika Tech helps customers and partners co-create, custom tailor, and precision integrate cloud solutions that proactively encompass the operating, financial, and technical requirements for scaling long-term use of AWS.



    Mobiquity builds custom software for clients across verticals, with mobile, IoT, and Alexa voice applications at the core of what we deliver. We have standardized custom software builds on AWS. These always require governing and controlling access via a gateway to control and externalize services to client endpoints. Mobiquity routinely builds API Gateway into their clients’ infrastructure so that they have a common set of business logic that can be used for securely connecting multiple digital engagement channels. They use API Gateway in tandem with AWS Cognito and IAM to ensure that our solutions can handle both authenticated and unauthenticated users.

    Rean Cloud

    REAN Cloud

    REAN Cloud’s DevOps expertise, as evidenced by their APN DevOps Competency, gives you the tools to develop a continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI|CD) workflow pipeline for easy development, testing and operations. Their AWS certified DevOps engineers and Professional Solution Architects help you construct the right CI|CD pipeline for your needs. Take advantage of this unique offering of AWS and DevOps expertise and accelerate your development, integration, testing and validation workflows. REAN Cloud is leveraging Amazon API Gateway functions as core tenant of our microservices based deployments and next-generation architectures. They help clients design and build microservices using Amazon API Gateway. REAN Cloud develops AWS Lambda functions which either are behind AWS API Gateway or serve as activity workers for Simple Workflow Service.



    Stelligent supports its customers by implementing the automation that allows for the testing, deployment and configuration of AWS resources and customer applications. An integral capability of any well architected solutions is scalable implementations based on abstract services where possible. API Gateway provides a framework for the delivery of microservices through abstract services, and is key to monolith to microservices re-architecture efforts.



    Trek10 has been using API Gateway almost exclusively as an HTTP endpoint for Lambda functions since its release. We’ve also found great success leveraging API Gateway as a proxy for AWS system management. For example, as a best practice, delivering a secure endpoint to update a CloudFormation stack, and conjuring a Lambda function’s IAM with the necessary update permissions is recommended over providing a customer with an API and long-lived access key with update permissions. We integrate API Gateway with Cognito and Auth0 for access control.


    API Talent

    API Talent

    API Talent is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that was born in the cloud, much like the Serverless architectures we implement. We build event-driven microservices, RESTful APIs, modern data integration platforms, and applications using Serverless components.



    Blazeclan is equipped to provide you with the methods needed to develop cloud native applications. Additionally, Blazeclan provides you with the capability to drive business digitization and agility by developing feature-rich business applications.



    Brillio enables clients to take advantage of API Gateway to provide custom RESTful endpoints acting as unified front end for Lambda services by encapsulating details and optimizing communication between clients and application.


    Content delivery network (CDN) integrates with other cloud services to provide an easy way to deliver content using a global network of edge locations for developers and businesses. It gives an elastic and fast advantage including lower latency of the high availability.



    Codecentric AG

    Codecentric AG builds custom software solutions for the cloud.



    As an active and experienced AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Cloudreach doesn’t just deliver strategy, planning, implementation and business transformation, but invests heavily in operational services and operations capabilities to sustain performance and service quality for our customers. They operate using an innovative competency based offering, covering Cloud Data Centre, Application Innovation, e-Commerce, Digital Estates, Data Analytics, Cloud Adoption and Cloud Service Line.

    Cloudreach has delivered a number of projects to customers in North America and Europe, many of these projects involved Serverless Architectures where Lambda and API Gateway played a key part.



    Our team of cloud architects will help you with technical implementation and our change management experts will help you with adoption of new technologies. Lift-and-shift migration to AWS, update of system architecture to be able to use most of the advantages of cloud. Change management and adoption of newly implemented technologies with added expertise in API Gateway, Kuberntes and serverless technologies.



    Singlepoint is an Irish consulting company. They focus on working closely with our customers and delivering the best solution. Singlepoint provides the following services: Consulting, DevOps, Systems Integrations, Microservices, Infrastructure.



    API Gateway is a vital tool for running serverless architectures. tecRacer has delivered many solutions combining the API Gateway with Lambda and the AWS IoT service, from delivering business intelligence applications to real-time monitoring platforms.



    Technical skills are not enough if they don't support the customers' business. BRLink's team of trained and certified specialists has one goal: To be your partner in the AWS Cloud! As an AWS Consulting Partner in the AWS Managed Services Program, they are able to offer their customers best practices for managed services in the AWS Cloud.



    Droptek creates secure, highly scalable solutions that do not require investment in technological infrastructure.

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