AWS AppFabric for productivity (preview)

Build new or enhance existing generative AI assistants with context from multiple applications

Why AppFabric for productivity?

AppFabric for productivity reimagines end-user productivity in software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications by generating insights and actions with context from multiple applications. This feature is available through a set of APIs that helps application developers provide generative AI-driven insights directly in their user interface, enhancing new or existing generative artificial intelligence (AI) assistants across multiple applications.

AWS AppFabric for productivity overview

Benefits of AppFabric productivity

Generate cross-application data insights and actions with context from multiple applications that enhance your new or existing generative AI assistant.
Deploy generative AI features faster by automatically normalizing disparate data types into a format any application can use.
Embed AppFabric directly into your application user interface (UI) to provide personalized insights and recommended actions generated from context across a user’s other applications.
Improve response accuracy and automatically surface relevant source files by securely leveraging user-level context and content.

Use cases

Quickly prepare for meetings

Create a native app experience that make meetings more productive by summarizing the meeting purpose and surfacing relevant cross-app artifacts such as emails, messages, and documents.

Optimize for productivity

Create a native app experience that improves productivity that automatically generates tasks, drafts emails, and schedules meetings so users maintain focus on more critical workloads.



How application developers get started with AWS AppFabric for productivity


How end users get started with AWS AppFabric for productivity


Anthropic Logo

Anthropic is an AI safety and research company that's working to build reliable, interpretable, and steerable AI systems. 

“AWS AppFabric is one of the most interesting uses of generative AI we’ve seen to help application developers enhance their productivity assistants. We are excited about AppFabric’s method of connecting applications, leveraging Claude to achieve deep understanding of the knowledge in these applications, and intelligently displaying the insights in the end user’s chosen app.

Matt Bell, Head of Product Research at Anthropic

Asana Logo

 Asana is a leading work management platform that helps enterprises drive productivity and maximize impact.

 “The way we work is broken. Leaders globally are struggling to find the right tools to reach their goals with limited resources. We’re wasting time in email, spreadsheets, and docs trying to understand who is doing what, by when. But today, AI is a catalyst for change and with the power of Asana and AWS, executives have an air traffic control for their organizations — showing the challenges that may lie ahead, demonstrating ways to pivot, and coordinating teams across the globe. We’re excited to continue our partnership with AWS to bring AppFabric and Asana Intelligence together, to help enterprises save precious time and resources by working smarter.”

Alex Hood, Chief Product Officer at Asana

Miro is a visual workspace for innovation where teams manage projects, design products, and build the future together.

"Miro’s mission is to empower teams to create the next big thing through a collaboration workspace designed specifically to simplify the end to end innovation lifecycle. Our platform enables distributed teams to come together to develop strategy, design products and services, and speed time to market. We have already experienced the powerful potential of our collaboration with AWS AppFabric, following the launch of our security and observability integration earlier this year. And, we are excited to continue on this journey to add even more value for our customers."

Andrew Edelman, Global Head of Partnerships at Miro

Smartsheet is an enterprise work management platform. 

“Smartsheet enables enterprises to manage projects, automate processes, and scale programs in one powerful platform. With Smartsheet AI one of the things we’re helping our users with is to accelerate their productivity within Smartsheet to gain fast insights from complex sets of data. Our users continue to want better interoperability between Smartsheet and other apps to reduce context switching and create even richer insights. With AppFabric’s productivity feature, we aim to enable a single source of cross-app user data needed to enrich Smartsheet AI platform – delivering stronger ROI for our users with minimal work.”

Urmila Kukreja, Director, Product Management at Smartsheet

Zoom is an all-in-one intelligent collaboration platform that makes connecting easier, more immersive, and more dynamic for businesses and individuals.

"As an AWS Partner, we are excited with AppFabric’s progress. Enabling collaboration use cases for Zoom and AWS customers is core to the mission of our open developer ecosystem, and we look forward to continuing working with AWS to serve the needs of our joint customers."

Brendan Ittelson, Chief Ecosystem Officer at Zoom