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Learn more about AWS AppFabric by watching our event recordings. Hear about the latest updates and announcements. 

AWS re:Invent 2023

AppFabric announced AppFabric for productivity at re:Invent and hosted sessions focused on our security features. Watch each session to learn how AppFabric enhances security observability and improves employee productivity. 

C-suite leaders talk generative AI and applications
SaaS application innovation using AI to improve employee productivity
Enhancing SaaS application productivity with generative AI
How generative AI features of AWS AppFabric help SaaS app developers
Improve SaaS application security observability with AWS AppFabric

AWS Applications Innovation Day

AppFabric launched at AWS Application Day with over a dozen supporting applications and security tools. Watch each session to learn more about how AppFabric quickly connects SaaS applications together for enhanced security and improved productivity. 

AWS Application Innovation Day Kickoff
AWS Partner panel: Overhaul your SaaS application strategy
SaaS app adoption is evolving work: AWS AppFabric and Asana discuss more
AWS AppFabric introduces AI innovations for SaaS application
Using AWS AppFabric AI capabilities to drive collaboration with Asana
Asana shares how their customers benefit from AWS AppFabric
Enhance your security posture with AWS AppFabric at reduced operational cost
Splunk shares how their customers benefit from AWS AppFabric
Improve your security observability across your applications
Create custom analytics on SaaS application activity
Innovating for the next digital transformation


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AWS AppFabric quickly connects software as a service (SaaS) applications across your organization. IT and security teams can then easily manage and secure applications using a standard schema, and employees can soon complete everyday tasks faster using generative artificial intelligence (AI). Watch these demos today to learn more about how AppFabric works.

AppFabric demo: Getting started
AppFabric demo: Improve security observability across SaaS applications
AppFabric demo: Quickly analyze events across SaaS applications
Preview how AppFabric works in Zoom and Asana
Preview how AppFabric works in Asana - Important Updates
Preview AppFabric in Asana - Calendar Highlights


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