AWS App Runner

Deploy web applications and APIs at scale

Why AWS App Runner?

AWS App Runner builds and deploys web applications automatically, load balances traffic with encryption, scales to meet your traffic needs, and allows for the configuration of how services are accessed and communicate with other AWS applications in a private Amazon VPC.

Benefits of App Runner

Build, run, and secure web applications at scale, without prior container or infrastructure experience.

Scale and load balance your applications cost effectively with high availability and low latency.

Meet your infrastructure and compliance requirements while staying focused on your application.

Connect to database, cache, and message queue services on AWS that support your applications.

Use cases

Build frontend and backend applications

Use App Runner to build and run API services, backend web services, websites, and more.

Run thousands of microservices simultaneously

Flexibly scale each component of your application, decreasing risks to application resiliency and fostering increased agility and innovation.

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