Amazon AppStream 2.0

Secure, reliable, and scalable application streaming and low-cost virtual desktop service

Empower remote workers and react quickly to changing conditions with secure access to applications and desktops from anywhere.

Stream Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications or quickly convert desktop applications to SaaS without refactoring.

Select from a range of compute, memory, and storage options, while auto scaling helps avoid overprovisioning.

Reduce downtime with fully managed application streaming and virtual desktop services, including a financially-backed 99.9% uptime SLA.

How it works

Amazon AppStream 2.0 is an AWS End User Computing (EUC) service that can be configured for SaaS application streaming or delivery of virtual desktops with selective persistence. When AppStream 2.0 is used for virtual desktops, saved files and application settings remain persistent between user sessions, and a fresh virtual desktop is assigned to the user every time they log on. AppStream 2.0 works with Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client for cost-effective, easy-to-manage, secure access to virtual desktops that improves end-user and IT staff productivity.

AppStream 2.0 offers multi-session capability, allowing you to provision multiple user sessions on a single AppStream 2.0 instance. This gives you the ability to optimize resource utilization and helps lower cost, supporting a wide range of user types without over provisioning.

Use cases

Convert apps to SaaS

Convert desktop apps to SaaS without rewrites, special hardware, or device installs; ideal for training and software trials.

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Streaming apps

Simplify application delivery, scale on demand, and centrally manage security policies and user access.

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Learning environments

Enable online learning over slow network conditions with easy, reliable access to applications and resources.

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3D and engineering

Enable user access to CAD, CAM, and CAE applications from any computer with responsive, high-performance streaming sessions.

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Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client

Cost-effective, secure, simple access to virtual desktops.

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How to get started

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