The unprecedented pace of change is pressuring banks of all sizes to increase agility and accelerate innovation. AWS helps them to structurally lower their cost base, bring new ideas to market at breakneck pace, and create more elegant customer experiences – all while meeting stringent security, compliance, and regulatory requirements.

OakNorth Bank leverages big data and machine learning to redefine SME lending

Case studies

DBS Bank

DBS Bank experiments with AWS Lambda, machine learning, grid computing, and data analytics workloads as part of its digital transformation journey

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National Australia Bank

National Australia Bank optimizes costs using Amazon EC2 Spot Instances and AWS Graviton processor, contributing to savings and promoting a company culture focused on both efficiency and innovation for customers. 

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Starling Bank

Starling Bank combines the convenience of a mobile-first user experience with the functionality of a fully UK-licensed bank 

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Modernize Core Banking on AWS

Enabling cloud-led banking transformation

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Use cases

  • Grid Computing
  • Grid Computing

    Banks need elastic grid computing they can quickly and securely scale on demand to better analyze customer behavior for piloting new products or anticipating usage of existing services as well as meet capital management and reporting requirements such as CECL and CCAR. Putting compute-intensive workloads onto AWS increases operational and cost efficiencies, eliminating backlogs and speeding time to market.

    Bankinter runs credit risk simulations in 20 minutes

    Discover calculates CECL with greater speed, scale, and precision

    Nubank optimizes performance and cost for AWS compute, 2019

    DBS uses AWS to become more agile

  • Data Lakes and Analytics
  • Data Lakes and Analytics

    Traditional infrastructures can no longer keep up with the business intelligence, customer insights, and regulatory reporting banks need. To protect, manage, and grow their business, they build secure data lakes in AWS, which serve as the foundation for analytics and innovation.

    Barclays accelerates research data science using AWS

    National Australia Bank builds an AWS data lake to power innovation

    AWS Partner Network solutions help financial institutions collect, store, process, analyze and share data

  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Transformation

    Today's banking customers expect personalized interactions and frictionless transactions. Banks choose AWS to help create richer experiences – from seamless digital onboarding to real-time transaction updates – across channels. Whether they’re modernizing core systems, launching spin-offs at unprecedented speeds, or preparing for open banking, they rely on the cloud to ideate, iterate, and innovate.

    HSBC meets open banking requirements with a serverless architecture

    Monzo creates a fully regulated digital bank in the cloud

    Simple builds a PCI-compliance IT environment on AWS

    FICO delivers cloud-based decisioning for enterprises

  • Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning

    To meet net new needs, banks must harness the power of machine learning. AWS offers the broadest, deepest set of machine learning services they can use to transform customer experiences, automate processes, detect fraud, and streamline compliance and authentication.

    AI and ML enable Rabobank customers to receive loan offers in less than 15 minutes

    Black Knight builds ML platform to process documents, extract information, and provide actionable insights


Modernize disparate legacy systems for improved agility and scale

By moving banks away from operating and maintaining traditional IT, AWS helps them reduce costs and leverage next-gen technologies.

Meet rapidly changing customer behaviors and expectations

Banking customers want on-demand, personalized interactions in their preferred channels, and AWS enables banks to rapidly test and launch new products and services.

Drive business growth by harnessing data and innovation

AWS powers faster, more informed decision-making that allows banks to add more value to internal processes and customer transactions.

Build with confidence on the most secure, compliant, resilient cloud

As banks face traditional and emerging risks in an increasingly complex regulatory environment, they rely on AWS infrastructure, services, and industry experience to protect their business and customers.

Compliance and Security

AWS understands the unique security, regulatory, and compliance obligations financial services institutions face on a global scale. From infrastructure to automation, financial services institutions have all the tools and resources they need to create a compliant and secure environment on AWS.

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Meaningful innovation thrives on AWS. See how companies leverage AWS to build new experiences, get more value from data, and modernize IT and processes.

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