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Business Services Authority

National Health Service, Business Services Authority (NHS BSA) is part of the UK National Health Service. It provides a range of support services to NHS organizations, NHS contractors and patients. As part of its payment services, they process 54 million paper prescriptions and other healthcare documents per month.

“The NHS has long been interested in the promise of AI to improve the quality of public healthcare. Human judgement is critical and in fact is often required for decisions involving medical payments. Amazon Textract is compelling because it offers AI powered extraction of text and structured data from virtually any document. We are excited about Amazon Augmented AI because it allows us to take advantage of machine learning while still applying human judgement. That’s a game changer for us.”

Chris Suter, Head of Cloud Platforms and Innovation, NHS BSA

Assent Compliance helps companies by providing transparency, traceability and real understanding of their supply chain data so they can protect their brands, remove market access barriers, and reduce operational and financial risk.

"We strive to combine technology and business domain expertise to help our customers understand compliance risks in their supply chain. We needed a way to process compliance documents at scale. Our process is to read images and PDF documents with forms, tables, and free-form text and extract data of interest from within those documents. Amazon Textract's OCR technology enabled us to extract text from documents. Amazon Comprehend's context-aware NLP APIs extracted business-specific entities and their values from the text. We also incorporated humans in our workflow using Amazon Augmented AI (Amazon A2I), to have our teams review extracted data and provide feedback to the ML models and help improve them over time. Using this efficient mix of human and machine learning along with AppSync and Amplify provided us more accurate insights into our customers' supply chain risk and saved them hundreds of hours in manually reviewing documents. They can now get immediate feedback on whether their company is at compliance risk."

Corey Peters, AI/ML Team Lead, Assent Compliance

Change Healthcare is a leading independent healthcare technology company that provides data and analytics-driven solutions to improve clinical, financial and patient engagement outcomes in the U.S. healthcare system.

"At Change Healthcare, we help accelerate healthcare’s transformation by innovating to remove inefficiencies, reduce costs and improve outcomes. We have a robust set of integrated artificial intelligence engines that bring new insights, impact, and innovation to the industry. Critical to our results is enabling human-in-the-loop to understand our data and automate workflows. Amazon Augmented AI (Amazon A2I) makes it easy to build the workflows required for human review of ML predictions. With Amazon A2I becoming HIPAA eligible, we are able to involve the human in the workflow and decision-making process, helping to increase efficiency with the millions of documents we process to create even more value for patients, payers, and providers.”

Luyuan Fang, Chief AI Officer, Change Healthcare


Deloitte is helping transform organizations around the globe. The organization continuously evolves how it works and how it looks at marketplace challenges so it can continue to deliver measurable, sustainable results for its clients and communities.

“Part of setting our clients up for success is helping them leverage the latest technology. Using machine learning enables us to help improve our clients’ systems and boost their productivity while reducing time to market for products, services, and applications. As part of providing the latest advancements in ML to our clients, we see the benefits of human-in-the-loop systems adding an extra layer of confidence to ML applications,” said Beena Ammanath, Managing Director at Deloitte Consulting LLP. “Our clients in the insurance industry, for example, could use A2I to help verify the accuracy of ML models for automated image-based vehicle damage detection and analysis of text-based insurance claims. We’re excited to see the many ways our clients across industries could benefit from incorporating A2I into their ML workflows.”

Beena Ammanath, Managing Director at Deloitte Consulting LLP


T-Mobile US, Inc. is redefining the way consumers and businesses buy wireless services through leading product and service innovation. Their advanced nationwide network delivers wireless experiences to 84.2 million customers who are unwilling to compromise on quality and value.

"Providing relevant information, such as account details and available discounts, in real time to our customer care agents while they are in live conversations with customers is one of the ways T-Mobile uses machine learning to improve customer experience. Using A2I, we will be able to ensure that our models continuously deliver top-quality insights by having humans validate random samples of model predictions. Trust is the hardest thing to build when it comes to machine learning, and A2I will allow us to make sure that our models are making the fewest mistakes."

Heather Nolis, Machine Learning Engineer, T-Mobile

Belle Fleur Technologies

Belle Fleur believes the machine learning revolution is altering the way we live, work and relate to one another, and will transform the way every business in every industry operates.

“We started using Amazon Textract with one of our financial services clients and quickly realized that coupling that service with Amazon A2I allows them to go through huge quantities of documents and extract relevant data needed for their clients. Adding Amazon A2I helped us incorporate human judgment for documents that require contextual interpretation and validate the data,” said Tia Dubuisson, President at Belle Fleur. “Not only did this decrease the time spent on human validation, but it also pulled all the relevant extracted data into one place in an easy to understand workflow for reviewers so that they are able to quickly and easily review machine learning outputs from Amazon Textract. Amazon A2I not only provides us and our customers' peace of mind that the more nuanced data extracted is reviewed by humans, but it also helps train and improve our machine learning models over time through continuous auditing and improvement.”

Tia Dubuisson, President at Belle Fleur

Belle Fleur

Epiq, a global technology-enabled services leader to the legal industry and corporations.

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 "Having an integrated human correction loop with Amazon Augmented AI is essential to a practical transcription toolset.”

Don Young, Vice President of Engineering at Epiq

Dealnet Capital

Dealnet Capital is a leading consumer finance company offering customers loans, and leases powered by an innovative technology platform in the home improvement marketplace.

“Our teams process, and verify a massive volume of financial documents annually in order to provide loans, and leases to our customers. In some cases, required funding documents can be inconsistent or poorly scanned. Using Amazon Augmented AI (A2I) and Amazon Textract, we are able to reduce the amount of time spent reviewing documents by up to 80%,” said Matthew Lewis CTO at Dealnet Capital. “The ability to audit the accuracy of text extracted from all of our financial documents at scale using human review workflows with A2I gives us higher confidence that our machine-learning-powered systems are delivering the highest quality possible to meet our rigorous compliance, and document verification standards.”

Matthew Lewis CTO at Dealnet Capital


TensorIoT was founded on the instinct that the majority of compute is moving to the edge and all things are becoming smarter. TensorIoT is creating solutions to simplify the way enterprises incorporate Intelligent Edge Computing devices, AI and their data into their day to day operations.

“TensorIoT has been working with customers to build document ingestion pipelines since Amazon Textract was in preview. Amazon Augmented AI helps us easily add human in the loop for document workflows, and one of the most frequently requested features from our healthcare customers is the ability to handle protected health information. Now with Amazon Augmented AI being added to HIPAA eligible services, our healthcare customers will also be able to significantly increase the ingestion speed and accuracy of documents to provide insights and drive better outcomes for their doctors and patients.”

Charles Burden, Head of Business Development, TensorIoT, AWS Advanced Consulting Partner


Vidmob, a video creation and analytics platform, utilizes machine learning to analyze every aspect of a video including people, objects, and messages to help brands understand creative performance and build better creative. However, for dimensions not covered by existing machine learning models, it can be challenging to review the creative from the petabyte-scale data we analyze every day.

“With our current workforce of highly trained creative evaluators, using Amazon A2I we can more quickly optimize and fine-tune our predictive models. This efficiency exposes us to a large sample of reviewers and increases the speed of models to market by 3x.”

Joline McGoldrick, SVP, Data & Insights, VidMob


Ripcord, a robotics digitization company with a mission to make the world paperless, uses Amazon Textract to convert vast amount of paper records into secure, searchable electronic records.

“Amazon Textract saves us hundreds of hours of human effort in building and maintaining templates for text extraction. For documents that require human review, Amazon A2I’s new built-in integration with Amazon Textract provides the ability to customize reviewer UI templates which drastically reduces the initial set up time for large and complex customer projects.“

Alex Fielding CEO and Founder, Ripcord

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