Work hard. Have fun. Make history.

In the AWS Platform team, we take pride in making the complex simple. The software components that we create are fundamental building blocks that are used by all other teams within AWS to build their services upon and run their businesses. We have openings for the following positions:

  • Software engineers
  • Data engineers
  • Development managers
  • Technical program managers
  • Product managers

In a friendly, intellectual, and team-oriented atmosphere, we run projects in small, autonomous teams, which leads to many learning opportunities, independent work, and significant ownership. We have the “best-of-both-worlds” scenario of a startup atmosphere combined with the resources of a large company. We’re looking for talented problem solvers who’d jump at the chance to have their products used by developers all over the world. We want you to be a part of a team that is making history at Amazon.

This page lists the teams (Cloud Commerce, Cryptography, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence, and Identity and Access Management) within the AWS Platform team, a description of each team, and a way to contact each one by email. Want to make history? Contact us! 

AWS Cloud Commerce provides the commerce platform essential to bring cloud-based solutions to market, from making solutions available in a catalog, pricing them, metering their usage, producing bills and invoices, accepting payments, and reporting—all on a global basis. We use this platform internally to onboard and sell AWS services to our customers. The platform is designed as a customizable suite of web service components, built on microservice architecture. AWS Cloud Commerce is organized into the following teams. 

We are responsible for the end-to-end experience for all customer account management functionality, beginning with the sign-up experience for new customers. We make it easy for customers to manage complex use cases inherent to managing accounts, such as setting limits, defining access policies, and allocating discounts. We take on complex challenges posed by building simple and intuitive experiences and related underlying functionality to manage complex security, billing, and technology policies for resources on the order of millions across accounts on the order of thousands. Interested in Accounts and Organizations? Contact us.

Our mission is to develop an accurate, high-performance, and robust on-demand bill generation platform that scales horizontally and offers flexible pricing methods. Our services and APIs provide AWS service teams a way to define and sell their products, compute and allocate charge amounts, generate customer bills, and store customer bills securely as the definitive source of record. The metering pipeline streams and processes huge volumes of usage data every second at various compositions that are collected from globally distributed AWS services. The computation engine applies multidimensional input rules such as purchase options and pricing dimensions on trillions of usage events to compute and generate billions of real-time billing records. Interested in Bill Generation? Contact us.

Our mission is to empower our customers to manage their AWS costs by providing comprehensive billing and usage information in an easy-to-understand and user-friendly manner. We provide billing information via the console, billing reports in multiple compositions and granularities, and tools to visualize and analyze this information. Our focus is to enrich the customer experience with additional compositions of the billing reports and to provide more innovative cost visualization and management tools. Come and be a part of our growing team to ship business-driving tools to AWS customers! Interested in Cost Insights and Bill Presentation? Contact us.

Our mission is to develop machine-learning software that detects and prevents fraudulent use and abuse of AWS resources. There will always be a few people that try to take unfair advantage of AWS and its customers—we strive to outsmart them by leveraging the latest in data mining, predictive modeling, machine learning, and web antifraud techniques (such as “random forest” algorithms). Interested in Fraud Prevention? Contact us.

Our mission is to provide secure, reliable and convenient ways for customers to pay for their AWS usage. This is an innovation-focused group that is undertaking programs to raise the bar on customers' experience. We target the full spectrum of international payment methods, monetary values, use cases, and transaction volumes. We own the entire lifecycle of payment processing including invoicing, collections, dunning, reconciliation, and refund services to deliver a seamless experience across our entire customer base. From individual customers to large enterprises, our systems allow customers to pay any amount, from a few pennies to millions of dollars. Interested in Payments and Collections? Contact us.

The mission of AWS Cryptography is to provide secure, easy-to-use, audited cryptographic services that enable customers to control the confidentiality and verify the integrity and authenticity of their data. We develop services such as AWS Key Management Service (KMS), AWS CloudHSM, and AWS Certificate Manager (ACM). Confidentiality is provided by KMS and CloudHSM to encrypt data in AWS services and in customer-managed applications. Authenticity of data and identities of users, hosts, software, and devices is provided by ACM to allow customers to provision and manage certificates with the least amount of effort.

We are a group that provides cryptography at scale to allow customers to trust the cloud for their most sensitive data. We take on challenging problems that require security-minded individuals who want to make an impact on how data is secured. Interested in Cryptography? Contact us

The AWS Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (AWS DWBI) team helps AWS be a more data-driven business. We synthesize data from various data sources into actionable information, providing daily visibility into the state of the AWS business. AWS DWBI customers include product owners and other AWS teams such as sales, finance, marketing, and business development. Our core services are the data warehouse platform; extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes and tools; and reporting and analytics platforms. Our team leads the industry in developing cloud-based data warehousing solutions. Interested in Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence? Contact us. 

The mission of the Identity and Access Management team is to provide highly secure, scalable, and reliable solutions for identity management, access management, and audit/intelligence that enable trust and control between parties in the cloud. We make it easy for customers to migrate to the cloud and exceed the current level of security, transparency, and control available anywhere else.

Our services process millions of authentication/authorization requests per second with millisecond response times. We work on organization and discovery systems such as directories and tags. Examples of the technologies we have developed for use by AWS customers include AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and AWS Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Join a team that is super smart, driven to serve customers, and fun to work with. Interested in this group? Interested in Identity and Access Management? Contact us.