AWS Backup

Centrally manage and automate data protection

How it works

AWS Backup is a cost-effective, fully managed, policy-based service that simplifies data protection at scale.

Diagram demonstrates how AWS Backup protects data, from creating a backup plan to monitoring, restoring, and reporting.

Use cases

Cloud-native backup

Back up key data stores, such as your buckets, volumes, databases, and file systems, across AWS services.

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Hybrid data protection

Centralize data protection management for your applications running in hybrid environments, such as VMware workloads and AWS Storage Gateway volumes.

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Centralized data protection policies

Configure, manage, and govern your backup activity across your company’s AWS accounts, resources, and AWS Regions.

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Data protection compliance

Examine your resources against data protection policies to ensure compliance with organizational or regulatory requirements.

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How to get started

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Discover how to centralize and automate data protection tasks across AWS services.

Explore the 10-minute tutorial

Create an on-demand backup job of an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance.

Start building in the console

Start building with AWS Backup in the AWS Management Console.

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