AWS Backup

Centrally manage and automate data protection

Benefits of AWS Backup

Centralize backup and recovery with a fully managed, policy-based service.
Back up across different AWS Regions and accounts. Perform automatic restore testing and validation of backups.
Create immutable backups and use logically air-gapped vaults as part of a defense in depth strategy.
Monitor, audit, and report on data protection policies and operations using real-time analytics and insights.

How it works

AWS Backup is a cost-effective, fully managed, policy-based service that simplifies data protection at scale.

Diagram demonstrates how AWS Backup protects data, from creating a backup plan to monitoring, restoring, and reporting.

Use cases

Cloud-native backup

Back up key data stores, such as your buckets, volumes, databases, and file systems, across AWS services.

Hybrid data protection

Centralize data protection management for your applications running in hybrid environments, such as VMware workloads and AWS Storage Gateway volumes.

Centralized data protection policies

Configure, manage, and govern your backup activity across your company’s AWS accounts, resources, and AWS Regions.

Data protection compliance

Examine your resources against data protection policies to ensure compliance with organizational or regulatory requirements.

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