NorthBay is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network Advanced Consulting Partner with the APN Big Data Competency that specializes in helping organizations like yours use their data to be more effective. A NorthBay-built Data Lake on AWS is an ideal tool for teaching data new tricks, as you can store all of your data in a central repository and leverage it for on-demand analytics. Your organization can easily and cost-effectively store and analyze vast amounts of data with a Data Lake on AWS, enabling you to discover new insights and incrementally innovate based on those insights. For over 5 years, NorthBay and its nearly 200-person team has gained deep experience and expertise building on AWS, and was among the first organizations to architect a Data Lake on AWS. This means you can trust that they will build you a Data Lake suited to the specific needs of your organization.

  • Deeply aligned with AWS: NorthBay considers AWS to be a vital part of their business and has been building on AWS since 2012.
  • Backed by our team: Growing to nearly 200 employees and building our own internal university to expand employee knowledge of AWS, NorthBay has cultivated a successful team that has the knowledge and expertise to help you address nearly any big data business challenge.
  • Improved data efficiency: By leveraging Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and other AWS services, such as Amazon Elastic MapReduce, NorthBay can help you quickly and cost-effectively process data coming to and from your Data Lake.

NorthBay helped Eliza Corporation architect a Data Lake on AWS that enabled them to manage an ever-increasing volume and variety of data while maintaining HIPAA compliance. Download our eBook to learn more about how NorthBay helped Eliza obfuscate protected data and how they can help you solve your most complex big data challenges.

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