Changing the conversation

See how AWS is building a workplace where more people can thrive so we can build technology that works better for everyone.

Taking action every day

Inclusive to the core

We’ve made inclusive hiring training a standard for our recruiters and hiring managers, and the AWS Inclusion Ambassadors program has more than 7,000 ambassadors promoting and fostering a culture of inclusion.

Welcoming diverse talent

We’re expanding alternative hiring pipelines like our HBCU partnerships, AWS Returners, and the AWS Military Apprentice Program in order to connect with outstanding candidates and bring new perspectives to our team.

A community for everyone

AWS has a huge array of employee-led and leadership-supported affinity groups that make it easy for our builders to connect and network with others who share their passions, experiences, challenges, and interests. 

Focused on the future

Committed to creating opportunity

There are countless opportunities for development and learning at AWS. We support personal and professional growth though upskilling, training, mentorship, and internal job mobility so everyone can grow where they want to grow.

Impact beyond our walls

Programs like AWS Educate, AWS re/Start, AWS Academy, and many more focus on making cloud training and skills development available to students, educators, and people with no technology background.

Connecting in the community

We’ve created programs like AWS Girls’ Tech Day and AWS InCommunities to engage young women and girls pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) subjects and support local STEM initiatives.

Be all of you

Real innovation comes from bringing more perspectives into the conversation – and making sure every voice is heard. AWS is committed to building a more diverse workforce, and an inclusive culture that lets every individual shine. When people feel like they belong and feel comfortable being themselves, that’s when they’re at their best. That’s the experience we want everyone to have at AWS.

"When I’m included, my voice heard, and my diverse ideas celebrated, I look forward to showing up to work every single day. There are so many great programs and groups at AWS where I can show up as my authentic self, like Asians@Amazon. I’ve taken advantage of so many resources to ensure I grow and thrive in my career at AWS."

Hannah Kook
Senior Communications Manager
Seattle, USA

“It is important to me that our organization be a diverse group, just like our customers. It means my lived experiences are viewed as an asset because I bring a different perspective to the table. As a Latina and first-generation college graduate, it has always been important to me to find spaces where I feel connected, seen, and can show up authentically.”

Elizabeth Armendariz
Program Manager
Seattle, USA

“I’m autistic and I feel like I don’t have to put on a persona at AWS. I can just be myself. Amazon does a great job at being understanding of various disabilities and giving employees the resources they need to be good at their job. There are manager toolkits to help managers understand neurodiverse employees and how to help them excel.”

Ana Steele
Software Development Engineer
Seattle, USA

Empowering our people

Change doesn’t just happen – we have to make it happen, and at AWS, our builders play an essential role. From our Inclusion Ambassadors program and Inclusion Every Day Challenge to our expansive network of employee-led affinity groups, builders can connect with an array of resources, communities, and support to collaborate on ways to strengthen our culture.

"I think it’s great that AWS organizes woman in tech events and supports projects to encourage young girls in IT. I am involved in a GetIT public speaking pilot to encourage girls aged 12-13 to consider a career in tech, and I also mentored a group of young girls in the Amazon Longitude Explorer Prize, which supports young people across the UK to test, create and develop new technological solutions to the biggest issues of our time."

Laura Verghote
Associate Technical Trainer
London, UK

"I have experienced what it’s like being the only woman engineer in the room, so I feel responsible for helping to grow more woman in tech and leadership. I founded the Woman@Amazon Korea affinity group in 2018, and have become an active board member since then. Now the group has evolved to become Diversity@Amazon Korea, embracing diversity beyond gender."

Juhyeon Song
Head of DNB Game ISV
Seoul, South Korea

“I was really excited when I learned about the Black Employee Network at AWS and other affinity groups specifically for BIPOC and the many initiatives they’ve been part of. AWS seems to be very interested in encouraging all employees to show up as their authentic selves and that is very refreshing for such a large company.”

Janelle Delaney
Executive Assistant
Seattle, USA

What would you do if you could do anything?

We ask this question a lot at AWS, and the answers are amazing. Bold ideas happen when people have the opportunity to speak up, stand out, and defy the status quo – and the autonomy to pursue their passions. Inclusion is a priority for us because bold ideas power everything we do. We have more to do to get where we want to be, and we’re proud that our workforce shares our desire to get there.

“Upon joining AWS She Builds, I saw an opportunity to create a Cloud Practitioner community training program to attract more women into tech. The She Builds CloudUp pilot had such a great response that we added a deeper Solution Architect training program as well. Over the past 12 months, we’ve had over 40,000 women register from all around the world.”

Donna Edwards
BDM Training
Perth, Australia

“I have worked for strong women leaders who have been vocal about embracing women and other diverse talent. They nurtured my own passion for advocating and elevating diverse technical talent. I’ve learned, it’s not always about looking up, it’s also about offering a hand down. Seeing my passion and advocacy reflected amongst the women at AWS was a big part of why I joined.”

Lorraine Knerr
Senior Manager
Seattle, USA

"I'm a core member of the Women@AWS affinity group and an active advocate for inclusion and diversity. Representation of all walks of life matters, and I want to help AWS continue to attract diverse talent. I never saw myself represented growing up, whether on TV or in management positions, so for me it is important to show things have changed. There is a lot of work to be done and I want to be part of this change."

Krishni Rajah
Account Manager
London, UK

What we do at AWS is deliver powerful cloud services that transform how our customers work – what we’re doing is changing the face of technology. Because diversity and inclusion not only enable us to continue driving innovation for our customers, it’s also the right thing to do for our people. 

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