CloudEndure Disaster Recovery is billed hourly per source server registered, irrespective of provisioned storage capacity. This gives you the flexibility to easily use our disaster recovery solution by paying on an hourly basis, rather than committing to a long-term contract or set number of servers.

Pricing includes continuous data replication, virtually unlimited disaster recovery drills, point-in-time recovery, and automated failover and failback.

In addition to the CloudEndure Disaster Recovery subscription fee, you pay for the low-cost staging resources that CloudEndure Disaster Recovery creates (e.g., EC2, EBS) during continuous replication. Payment for fully provisioned resources is only required during disaster recovery drills or recovery mode.

We strongly encourage customers using CloudEndure Disaster Recovery for production workloads to purchase either Business or Enterprise Support from AWS.

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Pricing details

Below are the subscription costs per source server registered. Additional taxes or fees may apply. 

Host (source server) Cost (per host per hour)
Hourly rate per source server $0.028

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